Monday, February 15, 2016

Take a Look Product Specification of B&R Automation X67, The centralized solution for mounting in the smallest areas completed by IP67 protection withstands the harshest environments with many benefits

B&R Automation X67 is the new dimension for remote I/O mounted directly on the machine that allows for mounting in the smallest areas. This system completed by IP67 protection withstands the harshest environments with many benefits  for cost reduction and Flexibility means one system for all machine designs.

B&R Automation X67

B&R Automation X67 is compatible with modular machine that was designed additionally required interconnections with bulkhead connectors, highly flexible and unlimited expansion possibilities. This system enable removable modules, additional expansions and even supplementary changes in the machine layout are all easily possible.

B&R Automation X67 System with Remote I/O with IP67 protection

B&R Automation X67 System is centralized solution for mounting in the smallest areas because this system has no space whatsoever is required in the control cabinet completed with IP67 protection withstands the harshest environments. This system connections are made using open fieldbus systems, supported by counter modules, Multi-function, Communication modules, reACTION technology modules and Prefabricated cablesField-prefabricated connectors

B&R Automation X67 System compatible with classic I/O systems that are located centrally in the control cabinet. In many application remote I/O modules can reach their full potential and user will get benefit extensive wiring for sensors and actuators.

B&R Automation X67 System Benefits

Using B&R Automation X67 System, user will get Cost reductions for several condition such as Reduced wiring, The shortest commissioning times, The lowest service costs, Flexibility, Open communication, and Minimum control cabinet space. The X67 System replaces the entire input wiring in the control cabinet to reduce the amount of work down to a single bus cable and a 24 VDC power supply.

B&R Automation X67 System correcting errors is easy since individual sensors and actuators can be quickly replaced using plug connections, and pre-assembled standard cables make it possible for the mechanic to make the connection. One system for all machine designs make the space normally needed for placing cables, terminals, and I/O modules is saved for lower space required.

B&R Automation X67 System Components and Modules

B&R Automation X67 consists of several Components and Modules such as Bus controller modules, Power supply modules, Digital input modules, Digital output, Digital mixed modules, Valve control, Analog input modules, Analog output and Analog mixed modules, Temperature modules.

This system monitor the signal line as well as the connected sensors and actuators integrated normal I/O tasks within the entire system, deliver input signals and process output commands and finally initially function in the standard application as normal modules.

B&R Automation X67 has safe digital and analog I/O modules with Components and Modules composed by Digital input modules and Digital mixed modules.


B&R Automation X67 can be used in rough industrial environments as the optimal solution.  This is the centralized solution for mounting in the smallest areas completed by IP67 protection withstands the harshest environments with many benefits. Take a Look Product Specification more detail and you will know that's why I/O modules with IP67 protection used on that and how you can use proper set up system to get maximum benefits.


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