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What is Near Field Communication Technology, How does It Works and Applied on Automatic Industries

If you worked in communication industries or related to this field you have to know and familiar with what is Near Field Communication technology. This advance technology maintains interoperability between different wireless communication methods like Bluetooth and other NFC standards including FeliCa. Near Field Communication (NFC) is contactless communication between devices like smartphones or tablets that allows a device, known as a reader, interrogator, or active device, to create a radio frequency current that communicates with another NFC compatible device

NFC Near Field Communication

Near Field Communication (NFC) is easy-to-use with different versions of the technology and recently is popular in parts of Europe and Asia, and is quickly spreading throughout the United States. To know more about what is Near Field Communication technology, you can learn detail scheme of this technology as below:

What is Near Field Communication Technology and How does NFC Works?

Near Field Communication (NFC) consists of wireless communication and data exchange between digital devices like smartphones and utilizes electromagnetic radio fields while technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi focus on radio transmissions instead. This technology contains information that other devices can read but does not read any information itself.

After you know about What is Near Field Communication technology then you have to know how does it works. NFC worked based on offshoot of radio-frequency identification (RFID) with the exception that NFC is designed for use by devices within close proximity to each other. This is supported by 2 types of devices namely passive device, such as an NFC tag, contains information that other devices can read but does not read any information itself and active device like a smartphone that can read information and send it.

There are three NFC technology exist, namely Type A, Type B, and FeliCa. All of them able to exchange information with other compatible phones or devices and could even alter the information on the NFC tag if authorized to make such changes.

The Application of Near Field Communication

Near Field Communication (NFC) is easy to be used for the future cover shopping malls, office buildings, and even your own vehicle as potential places for Near Field Communication to help offer quick services. User can use it by commuting to the office, during the drive to and from work. In addition NFC also can be used at the office, while once you’ve arrived, you can gain access to your office building. For automatic machine, NFC used for paying for snacks out of the vending machine or clocking in and out for breaks takes only seconds using NFC technology.

There several application of this technology such as paying for your bus or subway pass and wave your phone to pass through the gates, pre-loaded on your smartphone and are applied to your total automatically when you check out and also NFC can replace barcodes with more intelligent NFC tags and allow smartphone users to interact with objects to find out information such as a bus schedule.


In this advance and cloud computing technology system, you have to know about what is Near Field Communication technology and how does it works. It will help you to simplify and make your control system more efficient and low cost investment needed. NFC technology can be applied in several industries but you should know basic principle how does NFC works and set up to get proper and maximum performance results.


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