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Introducing IE/WSN-PA LINK WirelessHART Gateway Siemens for connecting a WirelessHART network with easy configuration of WirelessHART as wells as optimization of the network performance and security settings

WirelessHART Gateway Siemens has been revealed products by the Siemens Industry Automation Division since 2009. The new products released including two transmitters (new Sitrans P280 and Sitrans TF280), a gateway to Industrial Ethernet and software, as well as an adapter for the process instruments in preparation. The new WirelessHart brand new family is the result of cooperation by Siemens with the HART Communication Foundation (HCF). The new WirelessHART is the first industrial standard of wireless communication at the field level for use in the process industry. As a part of HCF member, Siemens takes an important role in defining WirelessHart.

WirelessHART Gateway Siemens
WirelessHART Gateway Siemens via

The New Siemens IE/WSN-PA LINK Gateway WirelessHART has integrated network manager serves to support network performance and security settings

The IE/WSN-PA LINK is a WirelessHART Gateway Siemens functioned for connecting such as a process control system, maintenance station or other WirelessHart network in a higher-level system. The integrated network manager serves easy configuration of WirelessHART networks, optimization of the network performance and security settings. It manages the WirelessHART network with all its nodes, and establishes connection to the Simatic-based automation and control systems via Industrial Ethernet.

The WirelessHART Gateway Siemens is very easy to operate via integrated Web Interface. Integrated with transmitter and adapter, then they provide a simple, graphical and interactive quick-setup. Transmitter and adapter assigned and serviced using the Simatic PDM (Process Device Manager).

Detail Features of WirelessHART Gateway Siemens IE/WSN-PA LINK

Technically, the IE/WSN-PA LINK connects wireless HART field devices to Industrial Ethernet using a radio link. The IE/WSN-PA LINK allows wireless diagnostics, maintenance, and process monitoring. The IE/WSN-PA LINK features:

  1. Enclosure with IP65 degree of protection
  2. High-degree of security for wireless data communication
  3. Eeasy connection to SIMATIC PCS7, SIMATIC S7, and host systems from other manufacturers
  4. Connection of up to 100 WirelessHART devices
  5. Open TCP/IP communication
  6. OPC-Server der HART Communication Foundation
  7. Easy configuring-monitoring of networks via web interface
  8. Open standardized user interface through HART
  9. Available optional remote antenna
  10. Installation in hazardous areas Zone 2

The Benefits of WirelessHART Gateway Siemens IE/WSN-PA LINK

The WirelessHART Gateway Siemens IE/WSN-PA LINK can be great method for connecting field devices in the process industry for various possible solutions – alternative or supplemental WirelessHART communication. It also provides reliable data transmission to the connected systems. Alternative paths will take over the obstructions in the transmission path. Moreover, in exact the wireless method can reduce the cabling costs and it is the greatest solution for the difficult installation conditions – especially when the field devices are located in the difficult place to access or are only required temporarily.

In enhancing the maintenance tasks, sensors can be added later. It will very beneficial to improve process of monitoring. The last benefit, IE/WSN-PA LINK is possible without add-on software due to the limited monitoring using web services and the integrated web server.


In conclusion, Siemens Industry Automation Division is a worldwide leader in the fields of automation systems, and industrial software. The WirelessHART Gateway Siemens IE/WSN-PA LINK is the new product family that provides a breakthrough for connecting a WirelessHART network with easy configuration of WirelessHART network as wells as optimization of the network performance and security settings.


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