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Lenze Controller 3200 C

Lenze controller 3200 C made with the atom processor that offers everything with specialists and with a strong partner. The design is made compact and powerful for electricity reserves full with various features.

Excess Lenze controller 3200 C

Lenze controller 3200 C has many advantages such as having motion and visualization in a single device, easy engineering and can store data remotely, there is control of high precision to produce optimal results, easy to install by rail Din on the cabinet control, I / O system in 1000 could be directly connected to the local I / Os, the performance of top and bottom is very strong and does not require special care both inside or other components on the outside, ready for use in the long term and can meet the standard and the last is to use Intel atom.

Lenze controller 3200 c
Lenze Controller 3200 C by

Working System Lenze Controller 3200 C

Controller 3200 C has a motion centric automation because this component is included in the controller made of automation system from Lenze. There are three phases that are compatible AC motors, asynchronous and synchronous servo motors. Lenze controller 3200 C offers several advantages for managing and developing various control programs. Thanks to the new technology of computer design can be done in a limited space without the use of artificial cooling. Motion controller combined with a good and compact on a single platform. With simple engineer can provide a cost advantage when compared to traditional ways.

Concept Lenze controller 3200 C is a combination of control and visualization with programming to IEC 61131-3, according to PLC Open motion and PLC based with codec’s 3. In terms of communication Controller 3200 C using a daisy chain cable, Ethernet switches are implemented as fast bus, the system directly on the front and the extension options.

Controller 3200 C requires no external components only require I / O system in 1000 as a local signal. There are wired as separators, electronic modules and base diagnosis is easily reached by a good, structured labeling clearly assigned to each channel, easy to connect without the need to shield and terminal.

Those are information about Lenze controller 3200 C, which became one of the tools that technology plays an important role in helping the human activities in various fields, especially in technology activity. With the use of Intel atom then Controller 3200 C has a strong and stable work exceeding other technologies. By this technology you can do controls system with a more cost-effective than doing it manually.


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