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PLC Micrologix 1400 Allen Bradley

Micrologix 1400 is the latest product from Allen Bradley with newer specifications and sophisticated compared to the previous micrologix. To find out more details you can read the following as reviews.

In 2008, PLC micrologix 1400 Allen Bradley officially released after three years previously launched micrologix 1100. This new system uses a micro PLC that is built upon the success of previous micrologix to enlarge the built-in I / O count and the number of expansion modules.

PLC Micrologix 1400 Allen Bradley

Micrologix 1400 Allen Bradley

Micrologox PLC Allen Bradley 1400 featuring 32 digital I / O, 6 optional analog I / O expansion modules are supported in 1762. Micrologix 1400 supported system that is more adequate than the previous micrologix up 256 digital I / O points. As previously micrologix, 1400 micrologix powered with DC either on the inside or on the input sourcing. Micrologix 1400 also comes with a removable terminal block and given a label cables. In addition micrologix 1400 also uses RTB as used in the previous component.

DC input models supported by six high-speed inputs which can all be used as a 100 kHz high-speed counters. Dc can also be used for pots 100 kHz or 40 kHz PWM output. PLC Micrologix 1400 Allen Bradley almost the same as 1100 with 8 pin mini same series port, supported by RS 232 and RS 485. Micrologix poer 1400 is also included in the second series are supported by the DFI, DH485, Modus RTU, dnp3 and ASCII protocol. Micrologix 1400 also comes with a RJ45 10/100 Ethernet port with a web server and email functions.

Different of PLC Micrologix 1400 Allen Bradley and Micrologix 1100

In 2010 micrologix 1400 improved on the Ethernet port with Modus TCP and DNP adding 3 over IP. This can make the ability to disable duplicate IP detection is increasing. The excess micrologix 1400 compared to the previous product is more than double the memory, relying on the speed of execution of the program, supported by the instruction trigonometry, instructions advanced mathematics, timing advance directives, equipped with backlit LCD, IP address settable from LCD and the data table form that is accessible LCD

That some information regarding Micrologix PLC 1400 Allen Bradley with some specifications. This new product is made more sophisticated than ever before in order to enhance the quality of work the system and to give satisfaction to its users.


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