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Product Feature ASE2000 Version 2 RTU/SCADA System Test Set that provides the user with a powerful and flexible tool for testing and maintaining SCADA RTU System

ASE2000 Version 2 RTU/SCADA System is ASE’s protocol and communication test products that are now currently in use worldwide by RTU/IED equipment manufacturers, electric power utilities, and SCADA system vendors. ASE offers a brilliant solution approach to the area of protocol test equipment with its’ family of PC based protocol test products. Especially ASE2000 RTU Test Set is a test unit tool featured with full protocol that gives chance user to maintain SCADA RTU and SCADA IED equipment with a powerful and flexible method. It also used for diagnosing communication problems.

RTU SCADA System by

ASE2000 Version 2 RTU/SCADA System expands the features on ASE2000 Version 1 and support Exchange and Task modes. The Task mode in the new ASE2000 adds a simplified means to performing a set of common tasks, e.g. device initialization, data acquisition, controls, and file transfers. To be performed, the Task mode operation requires the user to select a RTU/IED device and a task. The Communication message editing comes automatically in this new version.

User Interface of RTU/SCADA System ASE2000 Version 2 to define user preference information

RTU/SCADA System ASE2000 operation is window oriented interface with menu driven that developed in line with standard Windows interface presentation guidelines. The setup screens provides user to define test session specific information and user preference information. Special set-up conditions can be saved to uniquely named files and easily retrieved for use in future sessions. Many users develop a library of frequently used test scenarios with this feature thereby eliminating repetitive set-up for future test sessions.

RTU SCADA Display Option during monitoring  and simulation mode test sessions

The dynamic RTU SCADA Display Option data displayed through display screen during monitoring and simulation mode test sessions. The message data can be displayed in Interpretive Mode that gives the user the possibility of display formats for message data. Then users are not limited to a single display format for message data. Within Interpretive Mode identifies various message elements and their values, Raw Data Mode which displays only the numeric message data, or both. Point Data is available for presentation in tabular format.

RTU/SCADA System Modes of Operation (Exchange Mode)

Basically the RTU/SCADA System ASE2000, both Version 1 and Version 2 have three modes of operation: Master Simulation Mode, RTU Simulation Mode and Line Monitoring Mode. Master Simulation is for communicating to a downstream device or RTU. RTU Simulation is for communicating to a master station. Line Monitor is for listening to communications between Master and RTU/IED devices.

Task Mode Enhancements in ASE2000 Version 2

With the addition of Task Mode in the Version 2, the ASE2000 operates from a user defined RTU/IED device database. Each definition includes counts and address of all input points at that device. Task Mode/Master Simulation provides the user with a set of tasks applicable to the protocol of the selected device. Activating a task causes appropriate messages to be built and transmitted to accomplish the selected task for the device’s protocol and point configuration. Task Mode/RTU Simulation allows individual points states/values to be entered from the Point Values view. New values are transmitted in the next applicable scan response, with time stamps if appropriate to the protocol.

RTU/SCADA System Advanced Features

The RTU/SCADA System advanced features are also available for specialized test requirements including Event Logging that generates a text file recording significant events, Signal Analysis is available to users with an ASE supplied communication device (BCOM-USB) and provides a plot of bidirectional carrier and data signals to 0.1 millisecond resolution, and DNP3 Certification for testing support files included with the ASE2000 Version 2 software.


Finally, we can sum up that the ASE2000 is among the best RTU/SCADA system test available in the market right now. ASE2000 Version 2 is a full-featured protocol test unit that provides the user with a powerful and flexible tool for testing and maintaining SCADA RTU and SCADA IED equipment and diagnosing communication problems.


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