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Specification, Feature and Benefits Rosemount Smart Temperature Transmitter to reduce process variability with the industry’s most accurate temperature transmitter and RTD sensor combination

Rosemount Smart Temperature Transmitter has main function to reach Production and Quality Targets, and reduce process variability with the industry’s most accurate temperature transmitter and RTD sensor combination. This can be done by eliminate downtime due to temperature sensor fail​ure with Advanced Diagnostics. This transmitter has Industry-leading 5-year stability, which reduces maintenance costs to provides industry-leading accuracy, stability, and reliability with the most advanced diagnostics in a dual-compartment housing.

Rosemount Smart Temperature Transmitter

Rosemount Smart Temperature Transmitter composed by Single-sensor and dual-sensor input capability in one transmitter to enhance EMI rejection and filtering results in unmatched stability in process measurement. This composition has Safety Certified third party validation metrics per IEC 61508 for Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS).

Rosemount Smart Temperature Transmitter Specification and Feature

Rosemount Smart Temperature Transmitter has Long-term stability: 5 years, completed by Limited Warranty: 5 years and Advanced Diagnostics with SIL 2/3 Safety Certification​. To reduce process variability, this transmitter has maximize system accuracy with Callendar-Van Dusen (CVD) Sensor Matching Digital Accuracy: ±0.08°C (±0.14°F) for Pt100 RTD. It required frequent calibrations, that allows you to lower total cost of ownership by extending calibration intervals and reducing trips to the field.

Rosemount Smart Temperature Transmitter protected by Dual-Compartment Housing Provides Superior Environmental Protection to maintain standard condition of Humidity, high RFI, and other environmental factors can impact instrument reliability. To prevent failure of the electronics and minimizing costly process downtime, Rosemount Smart Temperature Transmitter having Aluminum housing protects against high electrical noise, Dual-compartments reduce exposure of electronics to surges and Transition pins between compartments filter out interference.

Rosemount Smart Temperature Transmitter has dual-compartment housing provides the highest reliability in harsh environments and integral LCD meter with large, easy-to-read display. To eliminate sensor interchangeability error, this transmitter supported by Hot Backup® and Sensor Drift Alert and Transmitter-Sensor Matching features improve measurement reliability over time.

Rosemount Smart Temperature Transmitter Benefits and Application

Rosemount Smart Temperature Transmitter  acts like a Safeguard Your People that gives environment facility Rely upon Hot Backup™ Capability with a secondary sensor, that seamlessly takes over if your primary sensor fails. This transmitter can Monitor, Detect and Record Abnormal Conditions from comprehensive diagnostics with immediate Diagnostic Log that automatically generates records.

Rosemount Smart Temperature Transmitter  can be applied in Chemical Company to reduce Uncertainty in Critical Ethylene Flow Measurement and Glass Furnace Temperature industries to reduce maintenance cost. This transmitter is fully Assembled Rosemount Temperature Solutions and can save installation time and cost when ordering a transmitter with a Rosemount Sensor and Thermowell.

This transmitter completed by Dual sensor capability with Hot Backup and Sensor Drift Alert ensures measurement integrity and Spot Trouble Early to Avoid Process Shutdown. By using advanced diagnostics device and Thermocouple Degradation Diagnostic properly, you have greater visibility int​o your temperature measurement loops and the condition of your sensor.


Rosemount Smart Temperature Transmitter configured with sensor information and Calibrated with equipment traceable to NIST standards to reduce process variability with the industry’s most accurate temperature transmitter and RTD sensor combination. Product knowledge understood well make this transmitter produce high performance and improves accuracy by 75%. For long term utilize, at least this Industry-leading 5-year stability enable reduces maintenance costs.


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