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ASE2000 RTU SCADA for Protocol Testing and Maintaining SCADA RTU (Hardware Configuration) provides a total-solution approach to handle the protocol test equipment through its’ family of PC-based protocol test products

RTU SCADA Protocols has been used in Applied Systems Engineering, INC. RTU SCADA Protocols provides a total-solution approach to handle the protocol test equipment through its’ family of PC-based protocol test products including USB serial communication hardware and Bell-202 modems. The full-featured protocol test unit comes with a powerful and flexible tool for testing and maintaining SCADA RTU and SCADA IED equipment and also diagnosing communication problems.

ASE2000 RTU SCADA for Protocol Testing
ASE2000 RTU SCADA for Protocol Testing by

Now you can find the ASE2000 Version 2 as the latest RTU SCADA Protocols ASE’s software development with numerous addition features to the case of systems software. In general, ASE2000 Version 2 highlights general benefits including, graphics window/menu screen presentation with keyboard and pointer navigation, common user interface setup displays, independent protocol, custom display of data with protocol specific formatting, user preference setup and save, extensive on-line help facility and support 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems.

Here we are going to review the available RTU SCADA Protocols hardware configuration within the ASE2000 RTU Test Set. The ASE2000 RTU Test Set is available in various models that differ only by communication hardware and the software is identical.

ASE2000 RTU SCADA Protocols Test Set Hardware Configuration:

ASE2000-USB-RS RTU SCADA Protocols

The ASE2000-USB-RS RTU SCADA Protocols supports all asynchronous serial, and synchronous serial and network protocols. The serial communication is provided via ASE’s BCOM-USB, a USB bus powered, 2-channel, serial RS-232 communication device. Both synchronous (bit protocol) and asynchronous (byte protocol) communication are supported with RS-232 ports. A set of RS-232 LEDs for each channel show TX, RX, RTS, CTS, and CD status.

To connect to the PC is possible through a standard USB device cable (both USB 2.0 and USB 1.1). RS-232 communication operates from 50 to 2400 baud for bit-oriented protocols and 50 to 56K baud for byte-oriented protocols. It uses standard PC network hardware in the case of network protocol communication.

Then the BCOM-USB device provides the license for network protocols. For the reason, then the ASE software will not operate without the BCOM-USB device inserted although it is not actively involve in network communication. For an upgrade is available for users of ASE’s older PCMCIA card within six weeks after delivery of the BCOM-USB device.

ASE2000-USB-M RTU SCADA Protocols

When you purchase the Model ASE2000-USB-M, it already comes with the all hardware provided in the ASE2000-USB-RS. In addition, you can grab a dual-channel Bell-202 modem as the bonuses. This modem is powered from BCOM-USB device. Both ASE2000 USB-M and ASE2000-USB-RS comes with the same software.

ASE2000-COM RTU SCADA Protocols

The latest model utilizes standard PC COM RTU SCADA Protocols ports is suitable for users that require support for asynchronous byte oriented and network protocols only. The ASE2000-COM provides the following features:

  • All ASE2000 models required two COM ports to support serial protocol Monitor Mode operation. Users who wish to operate in Monitor mode should verify that their computer is equipped with two serial ports. (ASE’s BCOM-USB device does contain two serial ports.
  • ASE2000 RTU SCADA Protocols ports does not support the Line Analyzer function, modem timing properties (pre-transmission mark, post-transmission mark, and receiver squelch times)
  • ASE2000 does not support ASE’s dual-channel Bell-202 modem since that modem derives its power from the BCOM-USB device. The COM model will operate with an external modem. ASE sells single-channel external Bell-202 and V.23 modems
  • Supports only asynchronous byte and network protocols. This includes protocols such as DNP3, IEC 870-5,  and Modbus


All the ASE2000 hardware configurations come with the same software. Only the different of aforementioned models is their communication hardware. ASE2000 RTU SCADA Protocol provides a total-solution approach to handle the protocol test equipment through its’ family of PC-based protocol test products.


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