Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Industrial PC Touch Screen of Beckhoff

The new Beckhoff is the one of industrial PC touch screen. The model and format is different with the usual touchscreen. There are some special characteristic that distinguish this product with other.

The Specification of Industrial PC Touch Screen Beckhoff

  1. The touchscreen is designed for the comfort ability and safe factor
  2. The base material used is the aluminum, the aluminum is in the high quality
  3. The model of the touchscreen is arm model
  4. The size is about 7 inch minimally and 24 inch maximally
  5. The resolution is also landscape and portrait.

The types of the industrial PC touch screen Beckhoff consists of CP 22xx, CP 26xx, CP27xx, CP 29xx, CP 32xx, CP 37xx, and CP 39xx.

Industrial PC Touch Screen
Industrial PC Touch Screen by

The Superiority of Industrial PC Touch Screen

  1. The economies of scale in high temperature, humidity, dirt, dust, shock, and etc.
  2. Low overhead as the high volume market
  3. The low price is about $ 760 up to $1775.

  4. For the computer, there are 3 industrial PC touch screen. They are:
  5. Window XP/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 Panel PC
  6. Windows CE Panel PC
  7. Then, both are different in the design and type.

The Types of Industrial PC Touch Screen

  1. All Weather, All Terrain Ultra Rugged PCs and LCDs
  2. Diamond vie series
  3. Chrystal vie series
  4. Large screen Wide Format
  5. OEm Solution
  6. Hazardous Area Rated

The product had been tested by some item, from the Artech Optical Imaging for Large Screen LCDs, iarde, Capacitive, SAW and resistive. Then the component tested are about the technology aviation, optic, rag drop, calibration, durability sensor substrate, multi ouch, display size, size constraint, right mouse, integration, touch method, drivers and main limitations of technology.

The Facts of Industrial PC Touch Screen

  1. The touchscreen use capsize, NFI, IR, SAW, Resistive, and Optical Imaging technology
  2. From the technology, it uses optical imaging
  3. The activation s zero. So it won’t be a risk anymore
  4. The optic are more than 92%, means very good.
  5. There is no collating
  6. Use any substrate sensor
  7. Use multi touch point
  8. The display size is 26,0” up to 52,0”
  9. We can use touch method by pointing device
  10. Use HID drive.

Industrial PC touch screen is the current kind of monitor as the result of the developing era. Many  kind of electronic tools that are being the best tools for helping the humane of their daily life.


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