Monday, April 11, 2016

Omron Zen software, You should know this

Omron Zen software is the kind of software. It has many times for updating. The last update is on 30th October 2007. It is the one of the best software.

Omron Zen software allows us to quite the windows easily. The operating system can be in Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT 4.0, Vista, etc.

Omron Zen software is the software that supports the kinds of windows. For example, it can be used for the Windows 7 and also Windows 8.

The version of Omron Zen software

  1. Version 2.0 name ZEN-S0FT01- V2 on January 2002
  2. It is the upgrade version of verse 1.1. The display is clear with the object.

  3. Version 3.0 named ZEN-SIFT01- V3 on April 2003
  4. There is increased from 8 to 16 of the timer counters. Besides, there is the 20-point CPU Unit.

  5. Version 4.0 on January 2016 named ZEN-SIFT01-V4
  6. Here is no contract control. And the Australia and New Zealand Timer is available as the additional feature.

We can use Omron Zen software with a CPU Unit because the software system only worked in the CPU. Then both are working with Economy CPU Unit. Omron Zen software will give the great supporting for software generation.

Omron Zen software

Examples of hardware's that is supported by Omron Zen software

  1. ZEN – 8EI
    • It has 8 inputs type
    • It has width about 35 mm
    • the method use is M3 mounting
    • the power supply use ZEN -8EIAP and -8EIDR
    • The AC input circuit consists of 680 k Ω impedance
    • The common input will be connected internally with power supply
    • DC input use 10,8 to 28,8 VDC, 8V ON, and 6,5 k Ω impedance
    • Use ZEN – 8EIDT photo coupler
    • Use 28,8 VDC and V2 CPU

  1. ZEN-4E and ZEN-8E
    • It use the type 4 – 8 input or output
    • The width is 70 mm
    • Use the M4 screw mounting method
    • No power supply
    • There is AC Input that uses 83 kΩ impedance
    • Use photo coupler isolating method and the input commonly is separated with COM Internal
    • DC input use 20,4 to 26,4 VDC
    • Use 16 Volt on, and 4,7kΩ impedance that use optocoupler isolation method.
    • The input common used separated as COM
    • Use V1 and Pre-V1 CPU Unit
    • Use the maximum voltage is about 26.4 VDC

Omron Zen software is the best software alternative that will help us in working. There are many alternatives that will be the air supporting technology in this modern era.


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