Friday, April 15, 2016

What are the advantages of the use of Omron PLC CJ1W-PA202

Industrial Automation is one of the industries that use the principle of automatic control in the execution of its products. Systems such as these began to demand by businesses for profit promising does not require a lot of human resources and also expenses to pay workers reduced. Automatic control is done on the operation of machine tool, factory communications network and keep the stability of the factory.

Omron PLC CJ1W-PA202

One of the tools used to perform automatic control program is Omron PLC CJ1W-PA202. Well, do you know this kind of sensor? What are the advantages of the use of Omron PLC CJ1W-PA202? Now, before discussing about the PLC then you should understand that there are types of automatic control. Types of automatic controls that are used are as follows:

  1. Discrete control (there is a on / off system)
  2. Discrete control is one of the simplest types of automatic control. Examples of household appliances that use this control are the thermostat. This thing has a on / off switch for heating or cooling. Thermostat temperature control systems typically use Omron PLC CJ1W-PA202 as a temperature sensor. Additional programs may be entered on the PLC to increase the quality of work goods.

  3. Continuous control
  4. Continuous control is a type of control device that is quite sophisticated. This control system is the feedback which means the entire machining set up with a program that is embedded in the machine. Programs created to do the job and cooling down in a vulnerable time. Omron PLC CJ1W-PA202 is one that could be used for the programming. In entering the program, the IT worker should really include variables for the system to work the machine running smoothly.

Microprocessor type of Omron PLC CJ1W-PA202 joined Omron PLC CJ1W PA / PD series. This sensor does not have the ability to prevent the replacement notification system is fueled by a span of resources. Omron PLC CJ1W-PA202 has varying power supply unit and a maximum of 25 W. Supply voltage is required to be at 100 to 240 V.

The power consumption of Omron PLC CJ1W-PA202 is 50 VA. Power consumption is smaller than the type CJ1W-PA205R and CJ1W-PA 205C which ranges from 100 VA. Well, more efficient power usage is not it? In addition, this sensor has a dielectric strength of 2,300 V AC 50 to 60 Hz in 1 minute.

Insulation resistance possessed this sensor is 20 MΩ at 500 V DC voltages. Noise immunity offered is 2 KV power supply. Then, this sensor should be at normal atmospheric conditions and there are no corrosive gas content in it. The level of security using the tools that have proven to make users feel comfortable wearing Omron PLC CJ1W-PA202. You are interested in using it? Prove it now.


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