Friday, April 8, 2016

What You Should Know About Industrial Monitor

Monitor is the hardware of a computer. It is as the output tool that is supported by CPU. It is used by the display of video output of CPU. It is the important part of a computer. So there are many kinds of industrial monitor.

The monitor can’t be separated from the computer. Monitor is also called as VDU (Visa Display Unit). The suggested and the best resolution if an industrial monitor is 1034 x768.
Based on e development, there are many kinds of monitor development. It is in the variation from the brand, name, size, and also the performance of the component.

Kind of Monitor

  • Monitor CRT (Cathode Ray Tube)
  • Plasma display
  • Monitor LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
  • Monitor LED

Industrial Monitor

Industrial Monitor

From some kinds of monitor above, the industrial monitor is the kind of monitor LED. It is designed by some series. The important task for monitor is the display. So the brightness is becoming the most important criterion.

Industrial monitor is designed by the product that strong from the temperatures, vibration, and the dirty. There are some sizes of monitor they are 6”, 12”, 15”, 17”, 19”, and 21”.
But actually for the industrial monitor, such as example size:
  1. 6,5 “ for the industrial and company used
  2. 12” for the general industry
  3. 15” up to 17” are for client control panels.

Industrial monitor is also designed as the part of panel technology, they are:
  1. 6176 Standard Monitor, that has touch screen inputs, DVU & VGA Video input and OS.
  2. 7186 M Performance Monitor that is made from aluminum bezels class I, and DIV 2.

All product of industrial monitor are designed in the best quality. Besides, it is durability, long-term used. Although, long time ago the usual monitor use. Now, it uses flat panel. It is higher quality and also efficient.

Moxa’s industrial monitor is the one product that success in  the marketing. There are some kinds of this type. They are MPC-2260, MPC-2150, EXPC-1519, MPC-1140, MPC 2190, and PC-1319. Then for the MD type, there are MD-226, MD-219, MD 224, MD 119 and MD 124.

The existence of the monitor industrial is very high because the modern era always use computer. And computer needs monitor. The monitor itself will be developed as the developing if era. The dynamic and efficient model will be come as soon as possible. Monitor is as the important part of the computer to do all the activity of the human n every day.


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