Friday, May 20, 2016

Siemens Control System SIMATIC S7-300 as innovative system solutions in manufacturing technology

The SIMATIC S7-300 is a universal controller with modular design and armed with a graded CPU range with a wide performance range is available for configuring the controller. This will be as innovative system solutions in manufacturing technology. The SIMATIC S7-300 is used for wide range of applications as it provides various modules, in instance; it is used for innovative system solutions in manufacturing technology especially for special machine building and serial production of machines (OEM). Additionally, it also used at plastics processing, packaging industry, food and beverage industry and process engineering, etc.

Siemens control system

SIMATIC S7-300 controllers is dedicated to save cost and save on installation space as it is designed with modular system. In addition to the modules, only a DIN rail is required for hooking in the modules and screwing them into place. SIMATIC S7-300 controller requires many sub module, the central controller (CC) of the S7-300 can be expanded using several racks units. This module can be used to several central rack and up to 8 per expansion unit. Interface modules consist of communication periperhals autonomously. In the case of plants covering wide areas, also makes this reach in the long distances area for each other (up to 10 m).

Features and Benefits of SIMATIC S7-300

The SIMATIC S7-300 CPUs come in a graded CPU range. The product range comprises 7 standard CPUs, 7 compact CPUs. The SIMATIC S7-300 CPUs consist of safe CPUs  and also technology CPUs from a width of only 40 mm.

There are also many benefits of using SIMATIC S7-300 in various industry fields, they are including:
  1. The high-processing speed of the CPUs enable short machine cycle times.
  2. The availability of the range of CPUs provides the right solution for every application. Knowing that, customers only pay for the performance actually required for a specific task.
  3. A modular configuration without the need for slot rules for I/O modules.
  4. ET200M is available if the customers need a wide range of modules. This modules support to make easy configuration.
  5. Integral PROFINET interfaces enable simple networking, operation data in management level.
  6. The narrow module width results for good performance cabinet systems.
  7. The ability to integrate powerful CPUs with Industrial Ethernet/PROFINET. This integration rely on designs that makes additional investments unnecessary.


The SIMATIC S7-300 is the brilliant answer for customers need for control systems that can be used for wide range of application in the field of industry. A wide range of modules can be used to expand the system centrally or to make all of tast can be handled well, and facilitates a cost-effective stock of spare parts. The fast CPU is a plus on reducing the time cycle on the process of industry.  The available modules are including Signal modules, Function modules and Communication modules that are enhanced for various industries from wood processing industry to the wider scale of plants.

Finally, the SIMATIC S7-300 is within Totally Integrated Automation the most sold Controller and will be as innovative system solutions in manufacturing technology.


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