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SIEMENS SIMATIC TDC PLC Control System Feature to solve complex drive, control and technology tasks

If you are looking for the features required PLC to solve a wide range of processing tasks universally for PLC control system, then SIMATIC offers simple configuration and commissioning with the right PLC control system. It is freely whether you configure using STEP 7, engineering tools like CFC and SFC, and the D7-SYS block library. The combined function blocks allowing you to configure from simple mathematic or logical operations through motion control of all linear and rotational axes. SIMATIC TDC is also enhanced with the application module FM-458-1 DP that result powerful arithmetic operations ability, precision, flexibility, and high processing speed. It is enable to solve complex drive, control and technology tasks


The all features are aimed to solve a wide range of processing tasks even with extremely high through output rates.

Performance, Scalability and Flexibility of PLC control system SIMATIC TDC

PLC control system SIMATIC TDC comes with Multi Processor control system answering to solve complex drive, control and technology tasks with maximum quantity frameworks and shortest cycle times on one single platform. The short cycle times resulted from the powerful processor modules of SIMATIC TDC. Particularly the system is used in large plants like metal production and metal processing, High Voltage Direct Current Transmission Systems (HVDC) and Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS).

SIMATIC TDC also features high scalability automation system that can be scaled modularly over a wide range from mounting a suitable number of processor modules for synchronous processor operation to the synchronous coupling of whole racks.

In addition to both benefits, SIMATIC TDC allowing users to get maximum flexibility by creating own user libraries based on ANSI C code. It comes with standard SIMATIC standard languages CFC and SFC and an extensive function block library.

PLC Control System SIMATIC TDC Modular System Design

SIMATIC TDC’s modular multi-processor system allows integration to up to five modules into one or several subracks. The standard Subrack UR6021 is already equipped with processor, periphery, and communication modules. The subrack is the base component of SIMATIC TDC. It allows scalable expansion of hardware with large power reserves. The main features of Subrack UR6021 are including:
  • 21 slots
  • 64 bit backplane (VMEbus)
  • Extended supply voltage range (AC/DC)
  • Replaceable fan tray
  • Configurable operating hours counter for simplified maintenance planning
  • 8 slots with P0 interface for fast, point-to-point communication between CPU555 modules
  • 19” system for wall and cabinet mounting

Communication standards like PROFINET, PROFIBUS and Industrial Ethernet are also supported for further automation components.
The modules are including:
  1. Processor Module CPU555
  2. Communications modules CP50M1 (PROFIBUS )and CP51M1 (Ethernet)
  3. Peripheral module SM500
  4. Coupling module to SIMADYN D (CP53M0)
  5. Rack coupling-modules GlobalDataMemory (GDM) CP52x0


The Siemens’s SIMATIC TDC PLC control system comes with modular multi-processor system to solve complex drive, control and technology tasks. It’s performance, scalability and flexibility make it a perfect control system particularly for large plants in the process, energy, and drive technology such as wire-drawing plants, presses, bending and straightening machines, circular arc type plants, shearing and winding machines. In FACTS, it is used also for Reactive Power Compensation solutions.


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