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How To Upload and Download Program Omron CPM1A PLC Using CX-Programmer

A. CX-Programmer Software

  1. Program Compatible between Omron CPM Series, CQM Series, CJ1M Series and other.
  2. A user can use the Program (*.cxp) created in Omron CPM1A Series .

  3. Programmable Using CX-Programmer
  4. A user can connected PC to the PLC using USB-CIF02 local connection.
    A user can use the application for Upload and Download program between PC and PLC.

B. USB-CIF02 Interface for Local Connection

  1. USB-CIF02 Interface for Omron CPM1A Series
  2. PLC can be connected with the serial port (COM1 1) of Computer by USB-CIF02 Cable.

  3. omron plc cpm1a programming cable

  4. Open CX-Programmer Application on Desktop click twice

  5. cx-programmer software icon

  6. Click[PLC]Menu in [Auto Online] Menu and Select [Select Serial Port] tap. Then the following screen will be shown.

  7. PLC Auto Online Serial Port

  8. Select COM 11CE\BT in Select Serial Port.
  9. Click OK button.

C. How To Upload Program From Omron PLC to PC

  1. Select [New] – Rename Device – Device Type [CPM1(CPM1A)] – Network Type [SYSMAC WAY]- Click [OK].

  2. omron plc cpm1a new project

  3. Online Function is used for the communication between PLC and CX-Programmer.
    Select [PLC] in the Pull down menu and select [Work Online]

  4. plc work online

  5. In this Function, you can setup the communication conditions such as Reading from PLC, Writing to PLC, Monitoring, Debugging, PLC Mode Change, Link Parameter Setup, PLC I/O Information, Setup Enforced I/O, and Password Setup.

  6. To UPLOAD the program and parameters from PLC, select [PLC] – [Transfer] – in the pull-down menu Click [From PLC…] and Click OK [Upload Option].

  7. plc upload

    plc upload

  8. Upload Done.

  9. omron plc ladder

D. How to Download Program From PC to Omron PLC

  1. This Function is to transfer the program and parameters from PC to PLC.
  2. Open program on project – Selected the Program [Ver 1] – Click [Open].

  3. cx-programmer open file

  4. Program is open

  5. omron plc ladder

  6. Select [PLC] in the Pull down menu and select [Work Online]

  7. plc work online

  8. To DOWNLOAD the program and parameters from PLC, select [PLC] – [Transfer] – in the pull-down menu and Click Yes [Download Option].

  9. omron plc download

    omron plc download

  10. Download is done


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