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Siemens Ultrasonic Level Measurement as solution of the highest security levels of level measurement including overfill, low level and dry run protection

Siemens, as the leading company in providing ultrasonic level measurement technology offers an extensive products of ultrasonic through a wide selection of devices for variety of applications. Beneath the level measurement continuous ultrasonic category, there are the reliable transmitters, broad range of controllers and many different of transducers. All comes with the highest security levels of level measurement solution including overfill, low level and dry run protection as well as switches for back up.

Ultrasonic Level Measurement
Ultrasonic Level Measurement

All the three categories mentioned are addressed to solve many problems regarding to the level measurement applications in many fields of industries.

  1. Siemens Transmitters
  2. In this criterion Siemens offers SITRAN Probe LU which is oriented for level monitoring in the water and wastewater industry as well as chemical storage vessels. SITRAN Prove LU uses a 2-wire loop ultrasonic transmitter for volume, level and flow monitoring of liquids.

    The second transmitter is the Probe. Prove designed for a short-range ultrasonic level transmitter aimed for liquids and slurries in open or closed vessels.  Another transmitter offered is the SITRANS LU150/LU180 which is oriented for a short-range integrated ultrasonic transmitter.

    One outstanding feature come with these products are the Sonic Intelligence, a patented signal processing technology developed by Siemens. All the transmitters use unique algorithms based on the Sonic Intelligence that provide intelligent processing of echo profiles.

  3. Siemens Controllers
  4. Within the category, Siemens has SITRAN LUT400 which is known as the world’s most accurate level controller. SITRAN LUT400 offers reliable level measurement of solids, liquids and slurries which make it famous as a precision ultrasonic flow-meter for open channels. Another Siemens’ featured product within the level controller category is the MultiRanger. MultiRanger has been proven in thousands of applications. MultiRanger can control up to 6 pumps as well as it can measure in one or two vessels.

  5. Siemens Transducers
  6. Siemens Transducer is available on three products within this category, they are Echomax XRS-5, Echomax XPS and ST-H Transducers. All are proof to the moisture, dust, vibrations, and high-temperature and flooding. These transducers enable to take advanced technology to reduce corrosion and down-time. Siemens transducers are designed for those require an easy installation, and virtually maintenance-fee transducers. The Echomax XRS-5 offers robust, continuous level monitoring of slurries and liquids in the narrow lift stations, flumes, filter beds, and weirs using a beam angle of just 10-degree and a CSM rubber face. Echomax XPS is designed for measuring level in a wide range of solid and liquids objects using ultrasonic technology. ST-H Transducer designed for liquid tanks and chemical storage. Its robust quality makes it standout for applications in the harsh and corrosive environments. Then, the narrow design of ST-H Transducer allows users for easiest mounting even to a 2-inches standpipe.


For the process instrumentation of level measurement, Siemens come with a wide range and extended application of ultrasonic technology for transducers, transmitters and controllers. This wide selection the devices are aimed to support you for an extensive applications in various fields of industries as solution of the highest security levels of level measurement including overfill, low level and dry run protection. For the extended use of the devices, still there are accessories can be opted.


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