Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Programmable Logic Controller Products

Industrial development todays, particularly in the industrialized world walk rapidly along with the expansion industrial type product. It is starting from classified as upstream up to downstream industries. raw material processing complexity become a raw material, which proceeds good operates of physics and chemistry has spurred to review continually improve performance and improve system supports the process, in order to process more productive and efficient.

One of the top parts of it is the usage of industrial process control systems. In the modern industrial era, Process control systems industry usually refers on used automation control system. Control systems industry where role of humans are still very dominant

One control system particularly use is a programmable logic controller (PLC). Programmable logic controller products application covers different industry operates from cigarette industry, automotive, petrochemical, paper country even up to mining industry like on gas turbines and control unit mining industry significant findings. Ease transition from previous control system (such as inviting of control system based mechanical relay) and ease of troubleshooting key factors pushing the popularity of PLC.

Programmable Logic Controller Product Trainer

Here are followed programmable logic controller products theta often used for many needed activity:

  1. Pico Controllers
  2. The simple programmable logic controller products, small and flexible, logic performed, calculation and time clock operation system. It is operated and programed by PicoSoft programing software that can make, save, documented and transfer set of diagram Pico™ up to Pico Controller. PicoSoft programing offers function and make program easy to control.

  3. MicroLogix PLCs
  4. It is effective solution to micro controller that wants to develop based of the needed. To set configuration programmable of logic controller, it can use software from Rockwell like RSLogix 500 programming software and RSLogix Micro programming software.

  5. SLC 500s
  6. It is small programmable logic controller products as modular PLC based on chassis. It is often used for I/O and power supply. It is configurated by SLC 500s as PLC programming software that offers high productivition and interface of top user.

  7. PLC-5
  8. It is the most popular Allen Bradley P programmable logic controller products that can be found in the world. It gives I/O networks and good programmed for many applications, commissioning, operation and maintances.

Programmable logic controller products are being human activity easy and practical. In addition, it will be developed based on industry technology development up to the new PLC products.


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