Thursday, August 11, 2016

What Is Industrial Automation-Be Closer Toward Industrial Automation

Commonly, we do not know about the process of making the great technology we use in every day. We only know the price, the quality, the size, the resolution, and also the trend of the technology itself. We have never asked about how they (the technology) done. So we need to know about what is industrial automation.

Why we should know about industrial automation?
What is industrial automation itself is the important thing to know. Without industrial automation system, we won't use the sophisticated technology we use in every day. We can use smartphone, sophisticated tablet, and all electronics tools that based on the robotic system to make our activities easier.

industrial automation robotics

So what is industrial automation itself? Industrial automation is the technology system that handle the industrial technological tools. It's as the main system that will manage and also arrange the technological tools component system. It will give the soul for our electronic tools.

The industrial automation is closer with the computer component system. It will arrange the computer's mechanism in order to be the sophisticated tools for making the human's activities easier.

This industrial automation is the important thing to make the technology existed in our daily life.

The question about what is industrial automation itself will be answered when we had already aware that in the backside of our gadget there is big thing. So we can use the gadget as useful as it function.

This industrial automation is very effective because it can work in 24 hours. It is flexible to use and also easy to be operated by the human. Besides, the factory will reduce the human employer.

The other great benefit of industrial automation is reducing the error system, it is about 0.00001%.

The advantages
After we knew about what is industrial automation, we should know about the advantage. They are:
  1. The productivity will be higher. It is because the work of the machine is 24 hours, so the product result higher than the product result of the human employ.
  2. Higher quality. It can be seen from the reduced error of using industrial automation.
  3. The information accuracy is higher. The information accuracy include the information key, data accuracy, and also data collection.
  4. The high guaranteed safety

The disadvantages
Related to know about what is industrial automation, we will know about the disadvantage of the industrial automation. The disadvantage is about the cost. When we use the human as the employees we will need lower cost.

Knowing about what is industrial automation is important one, because industrial automation is the best factor and fully support to the development of sophisticated technology we use in daily, especially computer.


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