Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Reasons The Use Automation of Manufacturing Process In Industrial Company

In recent years, automation has taken into consideration of some industrial companies due to its great assistance in performing manufacturing process. Such considerations greatly affect to the emerging of some automation company across the globe. Some of the best and reputable companies based in India have built relationship with many other industrial companies in different part of the world because of the positive impact in automating the industrial process using the automation.

automation of manufacturing process

In accordance with this matter, what are actual reasons behind the use of automation of manufacturing process in industrial company? Below are some of the underlying reasons that shift the use of manpower resources with the automation system.

1. Increasing productivity and profitability
One of the reasons the use of automation of manufacturing process in industrial company is the consideration of the work hour of the labor that mainly spend only 8 hour in a day. The use of automation of manufacturing process is intended to light out the operation process in manufacturing the products. The aim of automating the industrial process is expected to give the positive impact on enhancing the productivity of labor and profitability of company.

2. Avoid the annual leave or sick leave
The workers who dedicate their life for the industrial company are never stay healthy through their life and some of them also need the annual day-off as it is programmed by the company. It affects to the increasing of the sick leave or annual leave in certain period of time and as the attempt to keep the manufacturing process stay productive the use of automation of manufacturing process is taken into consideration.

3. Reducing the risk of danger workplace accidents
When performing the manufacturing process that often put the human operators in hazardous task, the possibility of having workplace accidents is something that should be avoided since workers safety becomes the responsibility of the company. In attempt to reduce the number of workplace accidents, some industrial companies use the automation of manufacturing process. Therefore, hundreds of company shifts the use of manpower resources with the automation system.

4. Minimizing the operating costs
The use of automation of manufacturing process has been considered as the good option to reduce the operating costs. It is because the operating costs include the manpower resources salary, so that automating manufacturing process helps the company to extend the manufacturing hours without the help of the labors and it also sets aside the tedious tasks commonly performed by the labors.

The use of automation of manufacturing process greatly affects to the industrial companies in term of reducing the operating costs, enhancing the productivity and so on. Since the advantages of automating the manufacturing process have attracted the industrial companies, in today's world, almost all the industrial company uses such technology to increase the industrial manufacturing process.


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