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SCADA For Controlling Process

SCADA for remote industrial plant (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system was referring to the combination of telemetry and data acquisition. SCADA systems are used to monitor and control plant or equipment,

SCADA for remote industrial plant is suitable. Control may be automatic or can be initiated by operator command. SCADA for remote industrial plants with industrial computer-based control system that is used for controlling a process, such as:

  1. Industrial processes: manufacturing, factory, production, electric power generators.
  2. The infrastructure: drinking water purification and distribution, sewage treatment, gas and oil pipelines, power distribution, complex communication systems, early warning systems and sirens
  3. Process facilities: buildings, airports, ports, the space station

remote controlling

Besides SCADA for remote industrial plant, several other examples of the SCADA system is often found in the field of oil production and gas (Upstream), high voltage power lines and medium voltage (Power transmission and distribution) and some of the applications that are used to monitor and control the production area which is quite spacious. A SCADA system typically consists of:

  1. Human machine interface
  2. Remote terminal unit that connects multiple sensor measurements in the above processes
  3. Computer-based monitoring system for data collectors
  4. Communications infrastructure that connects remote terminal units with supervisory systems, and PLC or Programmable Logic Controller

Settings complex power systems, relies heavily on SCADA. Without a SCADA system, electric power system can be likened as a pilot to bring the vehicle without the use of instruments in front of him. Electric power system settings can be done manually or automatically.

SCADA for remote industrial plant in the settings manually, the operator set the loading station with the status materiel electricity that may be operated for example Circuit Breaker (CB), load a generator, transformer load, a burden or cable transmission and change of loading in accordance with the frequency of the electric power system.

The Communication on SCADA system using a special protocol, although there is also a common protocol that is used. The protocols used in SCADA systems for power systems of which:

  1. IEC Standards include IEC 60870-5-101 based IEC 60870-5-104 serial communications and Ethernet-based communication. DNP 3.0
  2. Modbus
  3. Proprietary solution, for example KIM LIPI, HNZ, INDACTIC, PROFIBUS and others

The setting is automatically done by the application of Automatic Generating Control (AGC) or Load Frequency Control (LFC) governing the imposition of plants based on the settings calculated against the frequency deviation. One thing that is important to the SCADA for remote industrial plant is a data communication between a remote system (remote station / RTU) to the control center.


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