Friday, September 23, 2016

Take Benefits Collaboration between Plant Struxure and StruxureWare Process Expert for DCS for Hybrid Application to provide a solution of a single software environment

DCS for Hybrid Application is the important design system for Plant Struxure Process Expert System (PES). PES newly introduced by Schneider Electric by integrating PlantStruxure in collaboration with StruxureWare Process Expert to provide a solution of a single software environment. The single software environment integrates control applications, field devices and supervision to configure an entire control system.

DCS for Hybrid Application

PlantStruxure PES is a DCS for Hybrid Application that give chances to the industrial companies to gain the most advanced automation needs while keep maintaining operations and energy management by connecting field, process and enterprise levels within a business. Further benefits users able to implement integrated Schneider Electric’s software applications and suites. The final expectation through the entire system, users capable to manage simple integration, maintain a consistence experience and applying scalable platform across any organization.

The Benefits of DCS for Hybrid Application of PlanStruxure Process Expert System (PES)

PlantStruxure PES introduce a complete DCS for Hybrid Application system that expanses the customization option for processes according to different needs. In the past choices have been limited to simple PACs or more complex DCS, but the PlantStruxure PES gives operators a complete picture of the production process, enable configuration through single screen and able to diagnosis access conventionally in a DCS operator interface.

PlantStruxure PES has superiority to serve clear DCS for Hybrid Application process information that is important to drive efficiency in the production including historical knowledge of performance, trend data and advanced alarm and events. PlantStruxure PES has capability to integrate with range of PAC systems from basic to the more complex structure depending on the needs of process or machine. The all-in-one configuration allowing production conducted in the most effective and efficient methods.

The range of controllers supported with PlantStruxure PES including modular redundant capability, scalable, and modular. Again, the controllers also support a full range of input/output modules.

DCS for Hybrid PlantStruxure PES

The new creation from Schneider Electric gives an outstanding improvement to the needs of DCS for Hybrid Application advanced automation. PlantStruxure PES is the first DCS designed for the reality of modern day production. It combines the both worlds into one powerful hybrid design.PlantStruxure PES combines the PLC/SCADA with the integration and the result, PlantStruxure PES is the form of newly innovative energy-aware DCS the meets the demands of modern production facilities with better energy management.

The condition makes engineers can improve and develop the configuration faster and more accurate. It can influence directly to the manufacturer’s bottom line as the systems helps to increase uptime for the whole plant.

PlantStruxure PES for modern DCS for Hybrid Application at least has four major values to consider, they are:

1. It is Ethernet based, which considered as energy-aware architecture for simplicity and performance.
2. PlantStruxure PES comes with powerful and scalable controller platform that meet to most requirements of applications.
3. In case applied on operation, maintenance and engineering, It also built for single environment.
4. PlantStruxure PES for DCS also comes with open and extensive system.


To digitize your plant, now there is no more hard consideration when choosing PLC/SCADA or traditional DCS. PlantStruxure PES with DCS for Hybrid Application comes as the bridge to the modern production taking benefit of the both mechanism in the more accurate, effective and lower cost of production.


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