Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Learn more about Allen Bradley SLC-IO 1746 Modules product features to to enhance your control system and intelligent I/O modules for a wide range of applications

Allen Bradley SLC-IO 1746 Modules offers a wide range of digital and peer devices, and specialty for a wide range of applications. You can use I / O modules in the local I / O chassis of the 500 console SLC or use the contact I / O adapter to put I / O in the chassis in remote locations for the controller. Rockwell Automation announced that those Allen Bradley SLC-IO products will be additional stop units in 1746 and I / O. This is no longer available for sale prospectus. Customers are encouraged to use the state of the Allen Bradley SLC-IO product life cycle to find replacement information tool.

Allen Bradley SLC-IO

What Are Allen Bradley SLC-IO 1746 Modules Features?

Allen Bradley SLC-IO 1746 SLC I/O Modules can install 500 structures SLC ™. This Allen Bradley SLC-IO connects up to three chassis with 30 I / O modules to a single controller or communication adapter. This is also including optical coupling and filter circuit that provides noise reduction signal. Some of the units midwife station is removable color-coded blocks.

If you want to get extra Information, you can use the product life cycle will examine the situation to find the specific information life cycle with the catalog number tool. You can get software solutions and services that will help you increase your investment in knowledge and equipment when they decide that the time has come for migration. In addition to this, Rockwell Automation® ™ will provide partner solutions complementary Allen Bradley SLC-IO product units including a cross-reference product program.

What Are the Functions of Allen Bradley SLC-IO 1746 Modules?

Allen Bradley SLC-IO 1746 production saves more than 60 units to meet the needs of your application in the units, including intelligent collection. The availability of I / O first digital output from 4 to 32 per unit. Digital I / O interface circuit to turn on / off sensors / actuators. In addition to this, this also has the logic of peace and direct access to the value of I / O.

There is a high level of accuracy for precise control in a wide range of analog applications. Allen Bradley SLC-IO is also available to enhance your control system and intelligent I/O modules. These include high-speed unit and the unit prescription, the basic units of language, the console in the movement, and communication module. Each provides a comfortable interface that is unique among the circles I / O (digital and / or analog) and the CPU.


Allen Bradley SLC-IO hardware is modular design which is using cost-effective way to add space system of your control. This unit can be used in the car I / O structure of the local controllers SLC devices. This can also be used in a place away from the processor. In a place away from the processor, and I/O structure with I / O adapter 1747-ASB I run I / O Universal link with the processor.


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