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Siemens’s XHQ Operations Intelligence Software increasing their data monitoring system and recapture all information to make further better decision for enterprise

XHQ Operations Intelligence (OI) product is Siemens Operations-Intelligence-Software products related and presents operational and business data in real-time to enhance the overall enterprise performance. XHQ helps to make precise decision, improving and enabling a variety of solutions on management through a single coherent view of information. XHQ Siemens Operations-Intelligence-Software supports everything to the enterprises around the globe.

Siemens Operations-Intelligence-Software

Siemens Operations-Intelligence-Software XHQ is successful project including the application based concept on improving production efficiency and reduces operational cost. It is successfully applied on the streamline of the operational governance in Bahrain Petroleum Company B.S.C (Bapco). Another example of the XHQ application found in the SK Energy, one of the largest oil and gas companies in Asia-Pacific region. The company lately installed a comprehensive Visualized OI System (VOIS) at its principal refinery and production based on XHQ Operations Intelligence System.

What is Operations Intelligence and how does Siemens Operations-Intelligence-Software helps enterprises business?

To have better understanding of OI, you may compare it to the Business Intelligence (BI). In the BI the chain of activities comprises of gathering and analysis of historical data that helps enterprises business gain the deep insights for medium to long-term planning. The focus on Operations Intelligence is to analyze the entire process including production, planning and asset management activity. There are general objectives of Operations Intelligence including to gain higher levels of production against assets, improve the bottom line, and reduce the cost of production. An Operations Intelligence aggregates, relates and present the operational and business data in real time. The great principle of an OI is can be applied to individual site, divisions, regions, and overall enterprise.

XHQ Siemens Operations-Intelligence-Software help for Operations Intelligence

The operations personnel within a manufacturing organization are typically fighting to pull together the complete picture of situation of activities within manufacturing processes. Siemens Operations-Intelligence-Software can be missing critical information through a variety of databases, operational systems and enterprise applications in a wide range of confusing format. The information often in the shape of a periodic report that is why sometime the personnel struggle to react to the information has passed.

XHQ Siemens Operations-Intelligence-Software presents a whole and complete solution to these instanced cases. It uses the basic principle of Operations Intelligence to aggregate, relate and presents the data in real time to improve the enterprise performance. It offers a single coherent view of information. XHQ is capable to extracts data from a different of information sources like production database, ERP, data warehouse, process historians, manufacturing automation, and document management systems.

The XHQ OI Siemens Operations-Intelligence-Software boast three main principles: empowering decisions based on up-to-the minute information, enabling resource management for cost savings, and transparency to increase asset performance via optimized monitoring system.

The combined solutions applied in various processes and activities including monitoring performance and maintenance risk management. XHQ OI focuses on the questions such as how will we do against objectives? How we do collectively? Alternatively, what should we do in this situation?


Siemens’s XHQ Operation Intelligence software means everything to nowadays enterprises requirement solutions. Proven with excellent enterprises around the globe, the system is able to helps them increasing their data monitoring system and recapture all information to make further better decision for enterprise.


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