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The Features and Benefits of Using Eaton XI/ON Remote I/O to any application, intelligent and demonstrate the future

Eaton XI/ON Remote I/O used where the decentralized processing signals are at the beginning and end of the concept of automation. Eaton provides automation to fit each application input / output system. Granular and finely is graded with Eaton XI / ON or contracting with WINbloc - of course also working on the bus combination subject. The result is you will get modular concept with easy-to-use treatment - adaptable to any application, intelligent and demonstrate the future.

Eaton XI/ON Remote I/O

What are the Features of Eaton XI/ON Remote I/O?

Eaton XI/ON Remote I/O system includes a number of operating units and technology digital and analog system first to get the high level of the module. XN series basic unit is used for connecting field wiring to the standard Eaton XI / ON modules. They are available for two, three and four-wire connections, such as block or slice units, with both semi-cage or screw terminal. XNE unit is available with a push in the spring cage terminals A which is compatible with the base unit XN semi-enclosure.

There are some features of Eaton XI/ON Remote I/O, those are: the gateway to the most popular field buses, a high level of atypical, providing an integrated unit area (XNE), high channel density (up to 16 DI / DO display 12.5MM (XNE), and block or slice of plug-in modules (XN). While the other features are hot-swappable plug-in modules (XN), Digital, analog, counter, temperature unit, Programmable CAN open gateway, diagnostic interface and also mechanical encoding plug-in module.

What is the Benefit of Eaton XI/ON Remote I/O Technology Unit?

Eaton XI/ON Remote I/O can consist of a gateway and a maximum of 74 units in chip design (according to the length 13:00 rail mounting, including end brackets and panel end). When the units are used in a project, the maximum reduced accordingly module (1 unit in a block equivalent design about 8 units in the chip) design. To configure the maximum system, the use of a sufficient number of buses should take a refreshing meal, strength and unity in mind.

Eaton XI/ON Remote I/O modules have been expanded with the new price and space optimization. Depending on the type or 8 or 16 inputs and outputs, it can be connected to more than one show only 12.5 mm. High-density reduces the mounting width typical applications. This also consists of the implementation of all units of the level of integrated communication.

The main benefit of the Eaton XI/ON ECO modules at a glance: provide space with 16 channel width of 12.5 mm, cost savings with electronic unit with integrated level connection, and connection via the "push" tension clamp terminal provides the time needed for installation.


Serial interface Eaton XI/ON Remote I/O modules have a set of serial data stream transmission over Eaton XI/ON ECO system. This allows the connection of various devices such as a printer or scanner or barcode reader with serial RS232, RS485 or RS422 interface. We hope this information will be useful for you before choosing Eaton XI/ON Remote I/O.


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