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Distribute Inteligence For High Range Machines Control With Siemens Distributed Controllers; An Approach To The Product Overview

Siemens Distributed Controllers is solution for efficiency space of controller today. By the time there are such a lot of Industries which used the many model of Automation solution in field of mechanism and machineries. It was something that challenging the manufacture of automation solution to create and made better design controller for the PLC’s parts. It wasn’t only created better and smalest design also with high capapaties and modular capabilites. In range of high mechanism manufacture series, industries was need a better distributed controllers. One of manufacture which made high guarantee and with upper level of capabilities of Siemens.

In case of that Siemens has been developed the Siemens Distributed Controllers, which separated in several parts and models, at least there are three models distributed controllers that developed by Siemens, there was SIMATIC ET 200 SP CPU, SIMATIC ET 200 SP Open Controller, and also SIMATIC ET 200 Pro CPU. Every Siemens Distributed Controller has been developed by the design of the expert in distributed controller for automation solution purposes. Here in this article we would go further more with product overview and information to found a better vision of each of the Siemens Distributed Controllers product instalation.

Siemens Distributed Controllers

Compact Design, Siemens Distributed Controllers becomes A Benefit For Industrial Automation Solution System and Purposes

Every Siemens Distributed Controllers product has become a corporate identity, and also with the Siemens Distributed Controller that was design by the Siemens Expert in automation solution. As the consequences the product must become true fine product, it is something that Siemens has to be. Here are the product beneficial act and also information of each distribute controller stuff.

• Siemens Distributed Controllers SIMATIC ET 200 SP CPU

  • For whom that in search of Siemens Distributed Controllers device which made in small size but can operated in high performance level, this SIMATIC ET 200 SP CPU has been an answer. It was because this device can be operated with the similiar function as the CPU 1511 / CPU 1513 which operated with S7-1500 controller system. This models has been great to handle several function such as fully symbolic programming, web server, integrated system diagnostics, integrated security, also integrated trace function. Siemens Distributed Controllers was come with three integrated ethernet ports and 2 ethernet conection which had cost saving features that comes fromflexibly selected means of bus adapters.

• Siemens Distributed Controllers SIMATIC ET 200 SP Open Controller

  • Are tired of looking for better Siemens Distributed Controllers that would be used for better PC Based software controller that running with visualization output? This compact distributed called SIMATIC ET 200 SP Open Controller from Siemens could grantly true answer. It was because this distributed controller stuff was design to operated in ambient of temperature around 60°C, 64 module in single line expansion, and user friendly design which used PROFINET Onboard, or replaceable bus adapter that can bring flexi conection aspect of Siemens Distributed Controllers.

• Siemens Distributed Controllers SIMATIC ET 200 Pro CPU

  • It is something suitable of Siemens Distributed Controllers product for whom that need powerfull, rugged and compact device model. Called the rugged, tought because of the standard which bring by this models that protected with IP65/67 standard. More than powerfull it was also functional, with interfaces model CPU to connection of PROFINET or PROFIBUS.


Siemens Distributed Controller was kind of device that developed by Siemens automation solution expert in that comes with compact design. It is something solution for manufacture who looking for distributed controller that can accomodate small boxes directly. Thats why it is called the smallest footprint.


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