Monday, November 14, 2016

Product Specification of Mitsubishi MELSEC IQ-R that Offer Comprehensive Solution in Safety and Security automation environment

Mitsubishi MELSEC IQ-R is the core of the automation environment, the next generation, Achieve the unity of automation value-added with a lower total cost of ownership control. To achieve success in a very competitive market, it is important to building automation systems that ensure high productivity and product quality consistent.

It has been developed Mitsubishi MELSEC IQ-R rate series from the ground up on the basis of the common problems faced by customers and rationalization in seven key areas: productivity, engineering, maintenance, quality and connectivity, security and compatibility.

Mitsubishi MELSEC IQ-R

Mitsubishi MELSEC IQ-R is Integrated System Safety Control that Offer Comprehensive Solution

Mitsubishi MELSEC IQ-R CPU security allows control of all security programs in general and in the same unit and be easily programmed to take advantage of user-friendly features GX Works3. According to the safety standards of internationally recognized safety and CPU allows for safety devices such as blinds safety light, switches and emergency switches the door to be connected through a network of network field IE CC-Link without the need for a special separate line. Safety and CPU is easily programmable using the GX Works3, and take advantage of easy-to-use features.

Building safety communications of Mitsubishi MELSEC IQ-R as easy as create CC- Link IE Field Network, which has a long standing reputation such as Gigabit versatile. Physical layer and data transmission based on Ethernet technology allow commercial cables, adapters, and centers. Communications security and also take advantage of the features offered by the field IE CC-Link network a high degree of flexibility.

Strong and Reliable Mitsubishi MELSEC IQ-R Security registered with the cassette SRAM extended

Mitsubishi MELSEC IQ-R rate has a number of built-in features that help keep these requirements, such as hardware and software locks to protect intellectual property rights, and includes multi-level password and user access hierarchy to protect the project in the design phase of a series of words.

Mitsubishi MELSEC IQ-R includes the security forces to protect intellectual property rights. Safety key authentication prevents the program from opening on a personal computer that is not in the security key register. In addition, because the program cannot be executed by the CPU, it does not break down customer safety technology and other intellectual property rights. Security can also be registered with the cassette SRAM extended. Therefore, when replacing the unit CPU, no need to re-register the security key, which makes it very simple replacement.

Another benefits, IP filtering of Mitsubishi MELSEC IQ-R can be used to record IP allowed devices to gain access to the CPU addresses. As a result, the arrival of devices that are not registered can be blocked, thus reducing the risk of piracy programs and unauthorized access by third parties. Another advantage is the password function remote security-based password. Password up to 32 characters can be put in place to prevent unauthorized access to the CPU via the network such as Ethernet.


Mitsubishi Electric took several point approach to solve industrial automation problem. Mitsubishi MELSEC IQ-R enables to reduce total cost of ownership, and increase reliability and re-use of existing assets. A bridge to the next generation in automation, Mitsubishi MELSEC IQ-R series is the driving force behind the revolutionary advances in the future of manufacturing.


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