Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Schneider Electric’s Solar for Industrial and Commercial Rooftops

Solar for industrial recently regain its popularity due to many benefits for industrial and commercial purpose. In addition, various industries are facing tangible problems and challenges to the solar installation due to the various site conditions. To gain industrial or commercial rooftop success, there are many strategies to build – even from the ground up by changing the roof type. Within the challenges, industries in the world are viably finding solar for industrial as the best solution and breakthrough to the whole solar system that gives maximum benefits. There are ways to gain the solar rooftops systems spanning from picking the safe investment with all-around “carefree” package to the individual installation with various solar for industrial products from different manufacturers.

solar for industrial

In this way, Schneider Electric provides wide range of solutions for successful solar systems for industrial and commercial rooftops through its sort of systems and products. Schneider Electric offers grid-tie inverters, PV box substation and monitoring & control solutions. Through the range of products, the manufacturers or users can conduct a simple, safe and profitable investment.

Schneider Electric’s Grid-Tie Inverters (1000V DC) as ideal solution for commercial buildings

In the first line, Schneider Electric comes with three choices of grid-tie converters. User can get Conext CL-20/25 E power with lower budget. In the medium application, Conext Core XC NA three phases solar is betetr choice. Other you can use Conext Core XC three phase solar inverter. All the grid-tie inverters already meet the NED requirement for global installation. Among the range of the grid-tie inverters, Schneider Electric’s smallest unit is the Conext CL-20/25 that provides ideal solution for commercial buildings, carports and decentralized power plants. All the Schneider Electric grid-tie inverters are already meet the highest requirement with the latest technology and fully customized management features.

Schneider Electric’s PV Box – Compact Substation

Schneider Electric’s photovoltaic PV Box is the containerized plug and play power conversion system for various costumer requirements and local standards. In the photovoltaic plant installation, the PV Box operates between DC field and AC MW grid connection point to perform DC power concentration, DC/AAC conversion and AC voltage elevation to the grid voltage level. PV Box ensures maximum protection of the maintenance people and installation against electrical faults like short-circuit and lighting. The current optimized version of PV Box creates the balance of systems cost, and increases its reliability. PV Box is highly flexible and customizable to be compliant with customer local building codes.

Schneider Electric’s Solar Monitoring & Control Solution

Schneider Electric discontinued the Conext Monitor 20 Solar Monitoring System. Take the place is the newly designed Conext Control Solar Monitoring System. This new PV monitoring system provides range of solutions for control and solar monitoring for large commercial rooftops and photovoltaic power plants. The solution integrates control, solar monitoring and performance management features. The designed already well suited to operate on any site effectively and efficiently. It can be integrated to any level of service from maintenance within a simplified monitoring system to the performance contracts with a fast and comprehensive system.


One major challenges on conducting successful solar for industrial and commercial purpose is the budgeting. Through the new products, Schneider Electrics provides wide array of solar for industrial solution for the most successful, efficient and effective solar systems for wide array of consumer needs.


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