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Omron Vision-Sensors Products and Specification to inspect the appearance, character inspection, positioning, and defect inspection

Omron vision sensor / machine vision system analyzes the image to inspect the appearance, character inspection, positioning, and defect inspection. In this industrial application Omron vision sensor has widely improved their capacity and products to suppor all users need in sensor device are. Here is the list of Omron Vision-Sensors products that user can chose based on thier needs:

Omron Vision sensors

Omron Vision Sensor F Series

Omron Vision Sensor F Series package provides both high-end vision inspection capabilities and processing speed was very good. There are three vision sensor products, those are:

a. FH series vision systems with specification like or even more than the human eye

b. FZ5 vision system series for different types of treatment for positioning and inspection

c. FZ4 series vision sensors that offers rapid development with quad processing. This is forming a second research: cutting edge of evolutionary search algorithms.

Omron PC vision systems

Omron PC vision systems image processing is easily customize a PC-based system. There are two types of products from computers vision system, those are:

a. FJ series (all-in-one system vision) PC Vision System that offers image-based flexible processing system computers. All is in-one system vision.

b. FJ series (camera and vision software package) PC Vision System completed with built-in high-quality images in a computer system processing. Cameras and devices vision software package.

Omron Smart Cameras

Omron Smart Cameras provides built-in camera-effective solution in terms of cost for a wide range of applications of vision. There are two products smart camera, those are:

a. FQ2 Smart Cameras as further study in a compact housing. Expand the performance and functionality. It offers camera, communications, software tools, and more.

b. FQ-M Series Vision Sensor that was designed for motion tracking

Omron Other vision sensor

Omron Other vision sensor offers smart sensors with LCD monitors and high-speed CCD camera. There are 3 other products vision sensors, those are:

a. ZFX Smart Sensor (Vision sensor with built-in LCD screen) for future generations

b. ZFV-C Smart sensor with very high-speed color CCD cameras that is easy to use and close to human vision detection capabilities.

c. Smart Sensors ZFV (with high-speed CCD camera) that is cheap but sophisticated smart sensor combines the benefits of optical sensors and vision.

Omron Lighting System

There are more than 200 different led to measure using a omron lighting vision sensor. There are three lighting system products, those are:

a. FLV Series Light Units as a ring of light and the light bar spot light. Almost light chain, 200 models.

b. FL series lighting for image processing for ODR next generation technology

c. 3Z4S-LT series lighting system as Jill MG- Wave LED lighting along with the vision sensor provides new solutions.


Omron Vision sensor release many types of sensor for many types industral application. This sensor really contributed to analyzes the image to inspect the appearance, character inspection, positioning, and defect inspection. Users can chose based on thier needs to support their system performance.
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