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Product Types and Specification of Omron Photoelectric-Sensors to detect the work piece optical image with a built-in amplifier or separately

Omron photoelectric-sensors enable to detect the work piece optical image. OMRON provides many types of sensors. Those are including diffuse reflective, through beam, reflective, sensors distances settable and sensor with a built-in amplifier or separately.

Omron photoelectric-sensors

Omron Photoelectric-Sensors Product

There are many Omron Photoelectric-Sensors you can choose from, those are including:

Omron Photoelectric-Sensors with Separate Amplifier

Completed with Photoelectric Sensors, Amplifier and sensor head separation will allow this sensor to simplify and facilitate adaptation. There are four separate product of the amplifier. Here is the list of them:

a. E3C-VS / VM small spot / Marc (amplifier separately)
This has very thin beam which is ideal for the detection of minute objects and signs

b. Smart laser sensor E3NC
This is ideal for applications that cannot be dealt with fiber sensors or photoelectric sensors.

c. Photoelectric sensor E3C-LDA with separate digital amplifier (Laser-type)
This offers laser beam variable spot, line, or discovers the region

d. Compact Head Amplifier-separated Photoelectric Sensor E3C
Thin, chairman of the merged saves space and mountains intimately. Interference protection Built in the foreground.

Omron Photoelectric-Sensors completed with Built-in amplifier

Completed with this kind of photoelectric sensors, an amplifier built into the head of sensor. There 22 products of the built-in amplifier, some of them are:

a. Color Mark Detection Compact Photoelectric Sensor E3ZM-V
Color revealed all in world record size (11 × 21 × 32 mm), with high-speed response (50 microseconds) and accuracy in spite of sensing object movement

b. Color Mark Photoelectric Sensor E3S-DC
Color is revealed all in all packaging type. Narrow beam and large lens to detect a stable employment trends in various angles and.

c. Long-distance Photoelectric sensors with built-in amplifier E3G
The distance Photoelectric Sensors line of the work piece includes a large inverter with remote sensing 22:00 model and put a distance of up to 2 meters. There are much more products besides those 3 Built-in amplifier products.

Omron Photoelectric-Sensors completed with built-in power supply

This photoelectric sensors will help to achieve a reduction in total costs can also use AC or DC power supplies and widely. There are two types of products from the built-in power supply, those are:

a. E3JM built-in power supply Photoelectric sensors
It will contribute to reduce the total cost model

b. E3JK (new) Built-in power supply Photoelectric sensors
This is Long-distance Photoelectric sensors that support power supply AC / DC

Omron Photoelectric-Sensors completed with Area Sensor

This is Multi beam through beam uses a beam through the beam on the feeling of a large area. Detection sensor monitor can be selected according to the application. There are two types of products from the area sensor devices, those are:

a. Picking Sensor F3W-D
Compact, a mutual resistance to interference, and is ideal for the selection of different parts.

b. F3W-E picking sensor
This has compact body and indicators of high visibility that is ideal for the selection of small parts systems.

Omron Photoelectric-Sensors Accessories

There various adjusters for the installation of photoelectric sensors, casings, mounting brackets, cracks, inverter, and a game of checkers hand are available. There are 3 accessories products, those are:

a. Sensor Adjuster, Cover Fittings E39-L93[] / L150 / L151 / L98
b. E39-L / S / -R mount brackets, slits, reflectors
c. E39-VA Hand-held Checker


Omron photoelectric sensors consist of many types to detect the work piece optical image for many applications. Its functions to diffuse reflective sensors distances settable and sensor with a built-in amplifier or separately to achieve a reduction in total costs. You can chose many types of this based on your needs selected according to the application.
Check out to: https://www.ia.omron.com/products/category/sensors/photoelectric-sensors/index.html


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