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Laser Distance Measurement Sensor Q4X series Banner Engineering as innovative solutions, providing high-quality products, and to meet the needs of client

The products of Laser Distance Measurement Sensor technology used to solve difficult problems achieve the purpose of automation. They are proud of this fact. Since the beginning, they are committed to developing new and innovative solutions, providing high-quality products, and to meet the needs of each client and works with honesty and integrity. This commitment continues to guide us and define us as a company.

Today the Laser Distance Measurement Sensor of Engineering is a global company and a leader internationally recognized in the field of industrial processes and automation. Sensors and vision sensors, lights and LED indicators and wireless security products used by companies large and small. This is from 500 industry leaders creators just entering the market.

Laser Distance Measurement Sensor
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Laser Distance Measurement Sensors: Q4X Series

Laser Distance Measurement Sensor Q4X laser offers versatile, rugged and remote sensing laser superior performance and is able to detect changes in the sub-millimeter in the distance. Discrete, analog (0-10 V or 4-20 mA), clear objects, models IO-Link are available It also offers reliable sensing range from the nearest 25 mm and 610 mm so far. Detection of targets comes in a variety of colors, materials and surfaces through the distance

Teach dual-mode (density + distance) Laser Distance Measurement Sensor is ideal for applications error checking and enable the detection of objects clearly without the required retro-reflectors. Sensing Q4X class 1 laser CMOS sensor uses bipolar output. State control normal operation mode. Of operating mode, you can change the value of the turning point and choose LO / DO and TEACH method chosen to do.

From setting mode, settings TEACH can choose, can all standard operating parameters adjusted, and do a factory reset. The screen is 4-digit, 7-segment LED. The main screen is a screen playback mode, which shows the current distance to the goal in millimeters. Class 1 laser is safe laser under unexpected reasonably practical conditions, including the use of optical devices to look intra beam.

Laser Distance Measurement Sensors: Q4X Series Features / Benefits

There are some benefits you can take from Laser Distance Measurement Sensors: Q4X series, those are:

1. Troubleshooter final Troubleshooter
It can reduce inventory with the sensor, the sensor devices permanently reliable application that solves the most challenging

2. Solve difficult applications based on the distance regardless of the reflectivity of the target surface.

3. Various sensors reliably than 25 mm (0.98 in) to 300 mm (11.81 in) with the increase in the surplus the best car in its class

4. User comments offer a clear and easy to setup, and provides high light output and visibility index run sensors

5. Stainless steel FDA classroom management, resistance to chemicals and laser sensors significantly updated resisting an aggressive cleaning

6. Design temperature compensation ensures the reliability of the detection of the extent of changing temperature conditions


This Laser Distance Measurement Sensor Q4X is innovative solutions, providing high-quality products, and to meet the needs of client. This sensor categorized as new flush mount configuration provides a more compact housing to expand applications and increase flexibility in the installation space is limited. The new influx mount configuration of the sensor provides Q4X the banner of the possibility of further integration and increase the flexibility of installation, especially in applications with tight space requirements.


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