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EASTRON SDM230 Modbus 220/230V Single Phase Energy Meter Review

The SDM230-Modbus energy meter provides solution for counting solar PV energy, measuring active energy and other electrical parameters. It boasts concept of a single-phase multi-function energy meter with built in Pulse outputs, and RS485 Modbus port with Bi-directional measurement for wide range of applications.

This energy meter features a robust casing material UL94V-0 self-extinguish anti-flame polycarbonate RoHS & REACH comply for safe in different applications environments. The clear LCD display is for wide viewing angles with blue or white backlit that shows unit in kWh, kVarh, V, A, Hz, W, Var, PF, import and export. Next at the front of the device is the 6P signals terminals for Pulse outputs and RS485 remote communication.

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The Pulse indicated by two pulse leds for real-time indication to the consumption of energy. In increasing its safety on operation, the module comes with sealing hole. Technician can easily seal after installation to prevent stealing or illegal operation. On the side of the module is the laser printed logo, specification, model number, and wiring information for the increased technical operation readability. Below is the terminal block that can be connected into 100A direct current load with 25mm-cubic cable size. Beside the terminal block is the tool for DIN rail installation. It features a strong and smooth installation for DIN 43880 35mm DIN rail.

More about RS485 Energy Meter Communication Facility

Through the SDM230 Modbus 220/230V Single Phase Energy Meter EASTRON provides options for direct connection to the advanced communications systems like SCADA using Modbus Protocol RTU protocol.

The Modbus energy meter Protocol comes with message format for the master’s query and the slave’s response. The query is in the form of device address, function code data and error-checking fields. Using Modbus Protocol, then the slaves’s response message constructed. If an error occurs in receipt of the message, SDM230Modbus will make no response and the contrary.

Main Benefits of SDM230 Modbus 220/230V Single Phase Energy Meter

The energy meter has suitable for any electrical parameters in hotel, hospital, school, solar PV, as well as family house. Here is more benefits of this energy meter:

- Small unit big capacity
- 35mm DIN rail mounted
- 36mm width 2 moduals
- 3 mode of measurements
- 2 pulse outputs
- RS485 Port Modbus RTU
- Class 1.0 accuracy
- 100A direct connect load

Pulse Output features

The energy meter output can be set to generate pulses that represent toal/import/export kWh or kVarh.
- 200/100/60ms pulse width
- Constant pulse modified to impulsed 1 pulse
- Non-configurable pulse output 2 (fixed with import kWh at constant 1000imp/kWh)

RS485 Output for Modbus RTU features

The energy meter for remote communication with configurable communication parameters from the Set-up menu, for specific as below:
- Stop bits: 1 or 2
- Baud rate: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600
- Modbus address: 1 to 247


EASTRON is a multifunction energy meter electrical measurer parameters come with lots of features, rugged IP51 configuration small unit, and can be coupled to the RS485 port for best remote communication. Its small unit and advanced configuration make it possible to be installed and mounted into the DIN rail to provides solution for counting solar PV energy, measuring active energy and other electrical parameters.


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