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SpeedTalker DN, The Speed Sensor combines state of the art sensor and signal processing technology, which makes it ideal for providing real-time

SpeedTalker DN Speed Sensor supported to fulfilled user need. Everyone wants to work at a faster speed. The word “speed” is used in different contexts is measured using a variety of methods in their own context. Based on physics, the speed associated with the movement. Measurement of speed is very important in many applications that involve some form of movement.

In the SpeedTalker DN speed sensor control system in the engine, it is very important to know the speed of the gear works (camshaft / crankshaft). The scientists involved in the system / missile missiles need to know the speed at different stages of the journey. Similarly, there are many applications where measurement speed is of interest.

Speed Sensor
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SpeedTalker DN speed sensor is measured using different types of sensors that work on different principles. The next section discusses the different types of sensors used to measure the speed (and associated vectors of quantity and speed).

SpeedTalker-DN (XP) DeviceNet Speed Sensor provides a measure RPM shaft and put up to four under / over speed alarm on DeviceNet

SpeedTalker DN is the first of its kind DeviceNet shaft speed sensor. It is designed to work in demanding, dangerous and industrial environment. It provides a measure RPM shaft and put up to four under / over speed alarm on DeviceNet.

Reactions predictive maintenance and machine diagnostics ensure the protection and efficient process. All of SpeedTalker DN offers measurement functions and alarm that actually chose and field settable. Electrical sensors SpeedTalker DN is different sensors and ODVA compatibility testing interface directly to any DeviceNet network. SpeedTalker DN has a built-in sensor Hall effect sensors that are compatible with each electrical pulse generator and sensors.

Electrical sensors SpeedTalker DN-XP is a DeviceNet speed sensor with alarm. ODVA compatibility tested, and put it in. It is protective enclosure of the explosion and rugged. DN-XP SpeedTalker is designed to work in hazardous industrial environments. It features an open-style links, operating in the DeviceNet network. You can also find SpeedTalker DN-BH which is packaged in a stainless steel tube housing 18M. This is equipped with two slice of hex nuts for installation and adjustment.

The Features of SpeedTalker-DN (XP) DeviceNet

The SpeedTalker DN-XP supported with packs in rugged aluminum NEMA 4, 7 and 9 armored housing with a mounting bracket. This SpeedTalker DN-XP can also be mounted using the optional bracket assembly EZ- if necessary wit features as below:

a. integrated into the DeviceNet network
b. UL listed, (XP) first class, first class (C, D) and the second class, first class (E, F, G), NEMA 4X
c. Real-time rotational speed and up to four programmable over / under speed alarm
d. It supports a network of cable network
e. There is a need for any additional resources
f. ODVA compatibility test
g. DeviceNet slave with the poll set 2, COS and frank Message communication


SpeedTalker-DN (XP) reveals passes magnets mounted on the shaft pulser disc or wrap, counting speed and alarm functions shaft to reach the DeviceNet. Speed measurement and alarm and field selectable can be set to DeviceNet. SpeedTalker DN combines state of the art sensor and signal processing technology, which makes it ideal for providing real-time.


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