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AC Motors General Purpose, The Inverter Motors designed to handle much lower tempo without being too hot to improve performance and increased cost

AC Motors General Purpose engines have been used by many people for many years. Hard workers are almost every industry. Inverter motors are a much more recent concept of what is required as general-purpose engines featuring inter-driven VFDs (inverter or AC motor) and this performance comes at a cost: the inverter motor duty can be much more expensive than general purpose engines.

AC Motors-General Purpose
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AC Motors-General Purpose, Rolled Steel, IronHorse (0.33 - 3HP)

General purpose AC widely used in induction motors for electric pumps, blower, conveyors and other industrial machinery. IronHorse steel motor rolled from 0.33 to 2HP combines, in NEMA 56C and 56HC frame. This AC Motors General Purpose is available for single phase or three-phase operation.

IronHorse AC Motors General Purpose Motorcycle Manufacturer is manufactured by a leading engine supplier with more than 20 years experience. They are delivering high quality engines to market demand in the United States. Their suppliers produce motorcycles at IS09001 facilities; test the engine during production and after final assembly.

IronHorse Rolled-Steel AC electric motors range from 1/3 to 3 Horsepower

AC Motors General Purpose Engine IronHorse® engine is sometimes referred to as an induction motor. Induction motor or asynchronous motor is a type of current motor. It is supplying power to the rotor by means of electromagnetic induction back and forth. Inductive motors are now the preferred choice for industrial AC motors. It is due to rugged construction, absence of brush (which is required in most DC motors) and the ability to control motor speed. IronHorse is ready for wash downs and harsh environments

Here is the complete lineup of IronHorse® Rolled-Steel AC Motors General Purpose:

a. TEFC NEMA 56C / 56HC Three-phase AC Motors General Purpose frame with rolled steel frame. Mounting flange (56HC Suitable for 143T or 145T and 56 frame mounting dimensions); 1/3 - 3 hp

b. Stable ™ motorized sliding base for custom installation for all NEMA vehicles 56-449T

c. 56C Frame TEFC AC Motors General Purpose are single-phase with rolled steel frame. Flange mount and removable mounting base. 1 horsepower - 2 hp The replacement of the capacitors will run the initial motor and the capacitors are available for single phase motors in IronHorse

The advantages of AC Motors General Purpose

You can use applications for three-wire control AC Motors General Purpose induction motor with many advantages, such as:

• Increased efficiency in some applications.
You can use fan and pump applications to provide AC motor drive control and flow control. The drive can control the flow by changing the engine speed and thus eliminates the need for inefficient valves / dampers.

• Low flow start AC Motors General Purpose current motor

• Solid-state electricity delivery; Minimum maintenance

• Offer the ability to change engine speed

General purposes of AC induction motors are generally controlled by beginners in the line, for example manual car starters, contactors, etc. AC motors under certain conditions can also control the general-purpose three-phase motors. However, single-phase AC motor cannot be controlled by three-phase typical AC motor.


In short, AC Motors General Purpose engines can be operated with a drive in many applications. However, duty inverter motors have been designed to handle much lower tempo without being too hot and they are able to withstand high voltage spikes fail without their isolation. With improved performance and increased cost, it can be worth it if you need more performance.


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