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Motor Controls requirement product specification from simple ON / OFF to more complex variable-speed applications for each engine

The International Electrotechnic Commission (IEC) engine controller give the answer when industrial motor control systems become tighter and more cost-competitive requirements for electric motor control options arise. International Electrotechnic Commission series motor controller auto contactors and car starters will provide convenience and cost-effectiveness in one package.

Motor Control
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Motor Control Products requirement product specification from simple ON / OFF to more complex variable-speed applications for each engine

A form of electrical motor control system required, from simple ON / OFF to more complex variable-speed applications for each engine. Simple motor control devices include simple motor contactors and starters, drives, manual controllers and soft starters. There are many products available, some of them are:

1. More Motor Controls Horsepower in a Smaller (45mm) Frame

This Simple Motor Controls Contact Series is a complete solution for car monitoring and other load switching with compact dimensions IEC current chemical classification, up to 22A, AC-3 class use. You can let it take less space in the electrical enclosure while still delivering up to 15HP @ powerful 460V. Under compact sizes from 0.28A to 32A, you can find The Vig-RW series overload relay. This is designed to be used with an ideal complement to the mini-CWC contacts. This product offers capacitors surge, helper contact blocks, Delta electronic relay time, mechanical interlock, wire sets and block hook

2. Bryant Manual Motor Controllers/ Motor Disconnects

Bryant Motor Controls has developed a compact engine controller that also meets the stringent requirements of auto parts. Bryant Engine Control is listed as "Auto Parts Cutter" in accordance with UL standard 508 - Industrial Control Equipment. It is qualifying them to carry out all operations in one compact package. You can take advantage of the convenience of providing a single device for two needs that is by taking advantage of Bryant's compact and uninterrupted auto control units.

3. Fuji Manual Motor Controls Starters

Manual Fuji Electric Duo Series Motor Controls Starter is a protective device to use an electric motor. This device offers optimum protection by incorporating molded circuit breaker case functions and thermal overload relay into a compact unit. Since Fuji MMS and UL listed the E rated controlled auto protected itself, you can use it for auto branch protection circuit without the need for additional protection such as fuse or molded circuit breaker case.

You can get Manual Motor Controls Starter (MMS) in a copy with a 45mm 32A display and 63A versions with a 55mm frame height. All MMS versions have high breaking capacity, up to 100,000A in some scopes. There is also a wide range of accessories available, including excursion trip and low voltage launch.

4. ProSense® Motor Control Relays

You can use this Motor Controls alternator alternately to control the load of vehicles in specific application. It is where the optimal use of the load is required by equal running time of two loads. Rotating action taken by the control key, manual keys, such as float keys, push key, delay time, or other insulated contacts.


Motor control is basically different types of switches that turn objects on and off, both manually and automatically. Motor Controls requirement product specification available for many products from simple ON / OFF to more complex variable-speed applications for each engine that can help you keep things straight. There are many good books you can get for further advanced studies about this topic. Also you can also check with the manufacturer of motor control equipment for educational materials and motor control circuit level.


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