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VALTORC EL-600 Review, The simple design Electric Valve Actuator allows it very easy to install in various scale of industries

VALTORC Electrical Valve Actuator has been long time producing a high-quality actuator for various uses. EL-600 is an electric actuator designed for those seeking a proven performer for damper control and on/off (open/close) valve. There are unique values and features provided by EL-600 suitable for the future of valve actuation. It combines a low-cost operation and maintenance along with high cycle life. If you need a simple valve actuation, then the EL-600 can be your right option. Ideal for OEM applications, its rugged quality will give you far benefit for double-free actuation all years. The simple design allows it very easy to install in various scale of industries.

Whether you want a more simple solution to your existing installation or make an upgrade, form the traditional pneumatic actuator or your obsolete Electrical Valve Actuator, at first, notice to the EL-600 features and benefit below.

Electrical Valve Actuator
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Super Efficient Electrical Valve Actuator Motor, the first thing you can consider

A key of good the Electrical Valve Actuator motor can deliver consistent performance. Then the motor quality is the first thing you can consider. The EL-600 powered by of a powerful either split-phase reversing AC motor or DC motor. This format makes you possible to suiting the right machine for your field of application. The model with AC motor, EL-600 is capable to produce breakaway torque from 150 to 600 in-lbs. Knowing of this feature it is no doubt EL-600 is one of the most efficient electric actuator in the market.

Good enough when you look inside as this Electrical Valve Actuator already includes position indicator and a holding brake to avoid back driving in damper, resilient-seated ball valve and butterfly applications.

Design and Engineering Strength of Electrical Valve Actuator

In the case of engineering, EL-600 come Electrical Valve Actuator with the simplest design that is great for accessibility and aid for easier wiring installation. The terminal strip provided with 12 wiring locations. The spur gear made of the hardened steel, which is remarkably efficient and deliver consistent and robust performance. The manual override is declutchable. The position of indicator, which is located on the shaft, helps operator to read them easily.

EL-600 Electrical Valve Actuator housing manufactured from a strong PVC composite material that is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and damage. It already packs a standard ISO-5211 enclosure proven for its weatherproof. The low-profile design ensures for mounting configuration and direct drive male output for perfect applications in the limited space.

Plenty of Options Electrical Valve Actuator

The options to the EL-600 Electrical Valve Actuator are including heater/thermostat, female output, and auxiliary limit switches. Yes, it is right. In addition you of the standard male output, the EL-600 can be configured with L option consists of 14mm female square output drive. It allows you for direct mounting application to some valves. The similarly very advantageous is the heater/thermostat feature that only draws approximately 15 watts at all voltages. You can directly install it with contacts the motor support plate through the one of the 12-position wire. If you need more switches, you can add two extra switches to provide dry contacts.


In summary, the VALTORC electric valve actuator is one of new generation actuation device that come with simple design, non-tricky engineering component, suitable for application in the tight space environments. Its flexible configuration and many options you make it possible to access with dry contact.


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