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Configuration Tool for Control Techniques Drives allows you to optimize drive tuning, back up configuration, automate configuration

Configuration Tool for Control Techniques Drives techniques are committed to reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing processes and products throughout their life cycle. To this end, EMERSON work IS available upon request EMS (Environmental Management System). This is certified to ISO 14001 international standards.

Electronic Configuration Tool for Control Techniques Drives variable speed motors manufactured by control technologies has the ability to save energy. Moreover, through increased machine / process efficiency will reduce consumption of raw materials and scrap throughout long working life. In typical applications, these positive environmental effects far outweigh the negative effects of product manufacturing and end-of-life disposal.

EMERSON CTSoft software
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However, when the Configuration Tool for Control Techniques Drives product eventually reaches the end of its shelf life, the product must be discarded. But it must be recycled by specialized recycling in electronic equipment. Recycling and finding products easily dismantled into key components for almost all parts of the product are suitable for recycling.

How can we used CTSoft? See this Drive Configuration Tool application for Control Techniques as below

This CT Soft application will help you to get the drive set-up and tuned easily and quickly. One of the software tools you can choose is CTSoft. is the kind of drive configuration tool for optimizing, commissioning and controlling control engine techniques. You will be allowed to use the configuration wizard to guide the drive. Read, save and configuration settings of the load engine and manage the drive’s Smartcard data. This will also allow you to visualize and modify the configuration with animated live charts

Main features of this Configuration Tool for Control Techniques Drives tool are available bellow:

  • Graphical User Interface
  • Menu block diagrams
  • Parameter listings for each drive menu
  • Terminal configuration
  • Parameter compare (against default and against file)
  • Set up wizards
  • Various monitoring screens
  • Custom lists for storing frequently used parameters
  • This application compatible with similar functionality to remote keypad
  • Parameter files (saving and loading complete parameter sets)
  • Indexer and quick setup tools for Digitax ST

The Configuration Tool for Control Techniques Drives CTSoft System Requirements are as below:

  • Pentium 1000MHz IV or more is recommended
  • Internet Explorer V5 or later must also be installed
  • Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 2000 is required.
  • Minimum screen resolution of at least 800x600. Recommended 1024x768 minimum with RAM-256MB
  • Tumbler -Adobe 5:05 or later (for help parameters)
  • Microsoft and. NET Framework version 2.0

Note that you must have administrator privileges to install CTSoft. If you have a copy of CTSoft earlier, you need to uninstall it first (you will not lose an existing project). To get this tool, you have to download. You must be logged in to download files. If already registered, you can login using your email address.


The control Configuration Tool for Control Techniques Drives techniques of the software features generally drive by easy access. EMERSON software allows you to optimize drive tuning, back up configuration, automate configuration. This will automatically control traffic and install connection connections to drive.


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