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Features and Specification, Emerson Industrial Automation Machine Control Studio; An Intuitive and Flexible For Programming Automation Solution Control

Machine Control Studio is the impact of industrial developing aspect. There are so many parts, equipment and device which’s need to belonging with need to use for operating the automation solution aspect. This ideas has need to use by any industries which involved as the whole pictures of modern industrial era. Not only, a hardware specification, the software has developed during all of the users intention.

One of the best Machine Control Studio industrial automation which create so many parts and also developed the software for the supporting it is Emerson Industrial Automation, which is belonging for many years with the experience to go with the industrial intention. And here in this article we would go further more by goes inside one of programming software called Machine control studios.
Machine Control Studio
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Bring An Automation Programming For Unidrives M, Emerson Machine Control Studios Are The Suitable Ideas

The Machine Control Studio hardware has a great performance. But what is would be had meaningful without operating by right software? That's the first questions which is belonging with the ideas, of automation solution aspect. The Emerson Machine control studios offers a great impact in intuitive and flexible software for programming automation solution, on the right side, this software was suitable for;
  • Programming Unidrive M600, M400, also M700’s onboard PLC
  • Configuring ethernet data network
  • MCi210 machine control modules and high performance MCi200

The good side in use of this machine control studio is because, this was an open software which great for programmable machine control, meaning that it is familiar control engineers around the world. Thanks to fully IEC 61131-3 compliant aspect.

For a better Machine Control Studio informational aspect, than why the IEC 61131-3 has categorized as familiar control for many engineers around the world because this programming language has ready to supported;
  • Function Block Diagram (FBD)
  • Ladder Diagram (LD)
  • Structured Text (ST)
  • Structured Function Chart (SFC)
  • Instruction List (IL)

The IEC 61131-3, also ready and support the Continuous Function Chart (CFC). its give functionality, which can be helps to write robust and consistent programming. The programmers can also had access to the open source community, which can bring an online support benefits for the users while in line with the PLC practises.

In line with Machine Control Studio hardware PC requirement, here are the specification where this software can suitable support with;
  • Requiring OS : Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • 512MB RAM and 500MB Hardisk Capacity
  • Pentium M > 1,0GHz Pentium V, Centrino > 1,8 GHz, Processor Requirement Specification

Depend of the test system which done by the Emerson softwared developers, this software can be running well with this recommendation;
  • Windows XP, Operating System
  • 1024 MB, RAM
  • 1 GB Hardisk Capacity
  •  Pentium V, Centrino > 3,0 GHz, Pentium M > 1,5GHz, Processor specification

If the users or engineers want to run this software with Unidrive M, it would also need a serial port on the computer and or USB to RS232 converter, RJ45 communications lead or RS232 if want to communication via Ethernet. A single RS232 lead would provides for control techniques.


Emerson Industrial automation Machine Control Studio, is a fully requiring software to operating with, Unidrive M’s new automation and motion control features. Which can give the engineers a better visions in any programming language. This also give a better functionalities with several industrial PC requiring specification.


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