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Unidrive M Series Machine Control Modules; Features, Types and Review

As the impact of industrial development, there are so many Machine Control Modules device which belonging to support the industries itself. And by the time, the intention for better operational aspect in machineries also the automation solution has developed and bring a better vision in any fields.

It was a challenging ideas, where so many product has offered to fullfilling the best Machine Control Modules for the industries itself. And one of the biggest manufactures which already offered many types and models with single vision in industrial productivity. And one of the big name is Emerson Industrial Automation which we known has so many types of industrial device, and one of the greates Emerson device are the Machine Control Modules, called Unidrive M series. There are many types of this product, and here in this article we would go further more to known the features and special aspect for each types of it.

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Three Types Of Machine Control Modules Unidrive M Series, Reviews and Benefits Which Could Belonging With User Intention

Machine Control Modules Unidrive M series which belonging with several types such as MCi200 and MCi210 has create to help the industries itself for developing a better and complete application solution. Each types has design according for the users purposes. And here are each of the features and benefits which help users to grant more powerfull applications in a whole automation solution users always wanting for.

• Machine Control Modules MCi210 Productive Machines And High Performance Systems Can Come Up With

This Machine Control Modules device has designed to delivering performance which can come up with, an internal switch with two additional Ethernet ports, 3 x digital inputs, 1 x digital output and 1 x digital I/O for extended connectivity, up to 5 nodes modbus TCP/IP master, along with RTMoE for PTP (IEEE 1588) synchronization to support standard Ethernet protocols. And other great features which can come along with.

• MCi200 Another Great Machine Control Module Offered By Emerson Industrial Automation

This model has made for delivering several comprehensive programs, each can be used by user to control several drives also work with motors across realtime network simultaneously. This models also developed to optimized by having a motion controller embedded in each networked drives.

• SI Application Machine Control Plus Module, Allow SyPTPRO to Recomplied M series

The Machine Control Modules SyPTPRO as a program to be recompiled and as the parts of the Unidrive can be used with CTNet or CTSync, which had a main function for real time control more quickly. This defice feature include; 340Kb Flas Memory, 8Kb user program memory, Modbus-ASCII follower and master protocols, Modbus-RTU follower, EIA-RS485 port offering ANSI,5 Mbit/s, CTNet high speed network connection, and other great function.

As one of the component to build a whole vision of industrial automation solution. Unidrive M series has created as single fully handed operational device which can increasing the productivites dramatically.


As the part of the industrial automation solution, Machine Control Modules Unidrive M Series Machine Control Modules has been design with several types which can choice by the users depend on the purposes and intention. Some of the types has totally created to support the industrial need and intention. Choosing these means choose the whole picture of productive manufacturing mechanism


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