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1410 and 1420 Emerson™ Wireless Gateway; Specifications for Each That Users Need To Know

The modern Emerson Wireless Gateway industries are working integrated with several Industrial PC (IPC’s) it was something which is need to support several systems and or mecahnism which draw a big face of the manufacturing plants or the industries itself. At the same time it was a great ideas, but at the other hand the differences between one to other IPC’s architectures are need to synchronized.

The synchronization Emerson Wireless Gateway are need to make one to other IPC’s can working integaratedly in single server. It was something which is a great ideas better than build brand new IPC’s network by bring a brand new which totally ask a more costs.

To synchcronized one to other IPC’s wireless gateway are one of great ideas. But sometimes the engineers are bit of confused to choose. Here in this article we would go further more with 1410 and 1420 Emerson™ Wireless Gateway. This article are an approuch to the features and specification of each of the product.
Emerson Wireless Gateway
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1410 and 1420 Emerson™ Wireless Gateway, Each Best in Class Depend on User Purposes

To found the best Emerson Wireless Gateway device or utilities which is can be accomodate the users benefits are the best ideas which want to realize by the modern industrial peoples. Here are each of specificataion from each of the device 1410 and 1420 Emerson™ Wireless Gateway.

• 1410 Emerson™ Wireless Gateway Specifications

This device called as small, compact size and DIN-Rail mount wireless gateway. To realize that main features, the 1410 are wrapped with great specification such as :
 -40 to 75°C and or -40 to 167°F operating temperatures
 CSA Division 2, Non-incendive, FM Dvision 2 approval or certifications
 Polycarbonate housing materials
 10.5 - 30 VDC power supply without no redundancy

All of that great specification are realize to wrap the main features. But besides that there are lot of features which can also be a benefits for users to operating this device, such as ; straightforward installation with 0 configuration reguirements, delivers >99% data reliability thanks to WirelessHART® technology, safeguard layered security, adaptable to OPC and EtherNet/IP™ connectivity, Modbus® RTU/TCP conectivity and other great features in term of operational process.

• 1420 Emerson™ Wireless Gateway

Almost same with the 1410, the 1420 also designed with several great specification. It can be recognized just like this :
 NEMA 4X or low-copper aluminum, housing material
 -40 to 70°C/-40 to 158°F operating temperatures, with redudancy
 More certificate or approval such as; ATEX Type n, U.S.A Division 2, China Type n, Technical Regulation Customs Union (EAC) Type n, and more
 Several antenna types such as; high gain remote antenna+25 ft cable, remote antenna kit with 20 or 30 ft cables, 10 or 40 ft cable with remote antenna kit, remote antenna kit+50ft cable, and standard external antenna types

With those Emerson Wireless Gateway specification this model are really proper for the high goals target setting and or other hard IPC’s networking such as, fast installation in outdoor environement without junction.

Both of those 1410 and 1420 Emerson™ Wireless Gateway are designing with completed specification also to gain great targeted features. Which what users want to choose are depend on the users intention and purposes.


Using the Emerson Wireless Gateway IPC’s are the best way to gain a great industrial working process. But the realities of the IPC’s architectures differentiation are other way which need to solve. Than due to the fact 1410 and 1420 Emerson™ Wireless Gateway comes to offered to the industrial public a better working with wireless networks.


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