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ioPAC 8500 C/C++ Series MOXA modular RTU controller; Product Acknowledgemnt and Review In Features and Benefits

Modular RTU Remote Terminal Unit controller are becoming one of important device in a whole of automation solution systems. It was kind of device which can be great to create terminalling aspect which can be nice for the whole industrial working process. By using this user can easliy conected several aspect of industrial conection systems around the whole of the manufacturing plant.

Thats modular RTU controller was a great ideas to bring better maintaining process of course. And at the same time, there are many of ideas so uses, or the operator can easily controlling and monitoring around a whole of manufacturing plant. There are so many of modular RTU controlller developer, and one which widely and remarkably by the people who belonging with the industrieas are MOXA with ioPAC 8500 C/C++ Series. This article are dedicated to goes closer with those product.
modular RTU controller
Image by http://www.moxa.com

ioPAC 8500 C/C++ Series, modular RTU controller Designed Especially For Railway Operational Service

The modular RTU controller ioPAC 8500 C/C++ Series are really design for bring a better vision in railway operational service. As we known kind of that industries are closed to the precission Remote Terminal modular RTU controller aspect, which can help the operator to operating it better and precission. The railway operation are one of the industries which can’t tolerated the unprecissed aspect, and ther ioPAC 8500 C/C++ Series, help to realize it by put all of this specification. To know more see the table.

modular RTU controller ioPAC 8500

Those modular RTU controller great technical specification are wrap in single shoot device which developed to handle what users want. It was something to wrap a great aspect of features ideas such as :

• Modular RTU controller Reliability Sustainable Systems

Best results are gain by best specifcation. This modular RTU controller, are totally design compliant with EN50121-3-2, EN 50155 and EN 50121-4 standards. Those compliant standard shown the capabilities of the device to operating in hars environment such as the high vibration area, and or extreme condition. It means also this device can operated within around -40 to 75°C range of temperature.

• Easy to Deploy

Saving installation space are one of what people who working with industries want from kind of the device. With hot-swappable I/O modules, it gives user the benefits to replacing the modules without shuting down the operational systems.

Modular RTU controller was the only half face of full beneficial aspect. There are also others of benefits which can users get by using ioPAC 8500 C/C++ Series modular RTU controller, and one of the greatest are easy and precise data acquisition.


The railway controlling and monitoring working process are hard working process. It was something which can tolerance the unprecisse condition that would bring any eror happen. Than thats why the ioPAC 8500 C/C++ Series modullar RTU controller has wrap all what users want and looking for a better industrial railway monitoring systems.


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