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Mass Flow Controller SFC5400 From Sensirion; Features, and Other Information You Need To Know Before Installation

Mass Flow Controller SFC5400 is one of the impact of modernization, there are so many aspect that also had to be developed. Especially the industries itself which need to support by most of newest technologies parts. And it was totally reasonable, because the industries itself had recognize from the capabilities to always developed also transform from day by the day.

And here in this article, we would go further more to learn about one of important parts which need to build a better working process with automation solution system. It called the Mass Flow Controller SFC5400 from Sensirion. This is kind of sensing parts which need to use as versatile mass flow controllers. Just check further more.

Mass Flow Controller SFC5400
Image by https://www.sensirion.com

Sensirion Mass Flow Controller SFC5400, Controls Mass Flows With Outstanding Accuracy

Mass flow controller SFC5400 is one of the Sensirion sensors products family. It build with innovative CMOSens® Technology based. This technology had the main purposes to integrates high-precision sensor element with analog and digital processing electronics, all wrap in single CMOS silicon chip. The technologies give the users guarantees on performance during installation. Than to bring a precision quality it was build also with high-quality materials, so the this can provides totally operational performance that stable, durable, and extremely fast and precise mass flow controller.

To bring and provide that intention, the Mass Flow Controller SFC5400 had build and design with several features which can be grant best ideas off totally fast and extremely precise mass flow controllers. And here are the list of the Mass Flow Controller SFC5400 features.
  1. Turndown ratio 1000:1, categorized as wide dynamic range
  2. Available on costumized verse (by request)
  3. Amazing in price-performance-ratio aspect, it was one of the impact in CMOSens® Technology applied
  4. High configuration and ready multigas features
  5. NO aging effects
  6. Even if operating in lowest flow rates (< 1sccm), it give the high and accurate results
  7. Settling time < 100 ms, thats why it suitable to operate as ultra-fast gas flow control
  8. stable and reliabel in long-term operational process
  9. Build in such of flexible mechanical connection options, such as; VCR and VCO, C-/W-Seal, down mount, and Swagelok

All of the build in Mass Flow Controller SFC5400 features has become the main point that can bring great beneficial aspect for the users during the installation and operational process. And to give more, this device also can operate in several applicational fields such as;
  1. Coating, thermal processing which belonging with industrial process automation
  2. As medical device this would be support for anesthesia and ventilation system
  3. Operating as analytical instrument, for example; thermal analysis, gas chromatography, and or mass spectrometry
  4. For operating as semiconductor industry e.g thin film deposition, or the plasma etching process

As a device, the Mass Flow Controller SFC5400 has designed also with other valve-free version. And by combining the operation with mass flow controller. Both would give better performance during combined operational process.


Mass Flow Controller SFC5400 are flow controller device which remarkably known has operated in several types of industries. From the manufacturing until the medical device, the mass flow controller can involved with. The performance came because the suitable design and used of CMOSens® Technology based.


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