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Types of Therm–O–Disc® Auto Reset Bimetal Control; Features, Specification and Information

Auto Reset Bimetal Control is one of the impact of industrial development, there are so many aspect which need to upgrade depends on Industrial intention. From the small parts to the big machinary system, all need to adjust so can pursue a better way of work and at the same time increasing the productivities.

Due to that Auto Reset Bimetal Control fact, there are one of important aspect of the whole industrial business process. It was safety and protection aspect which had to increase to the higher level so, the industries, especially for the kind of manufacturing fields can goes and up more than before with safety and easy ways. Than there are many of manufactures that implemented the automation solution systems.

The Auto Reset Bimetal Control automation solution itself, was kind of systems which is integrated many lines of manufactures or industries in single controlling systems through the PLC’s. As the name, it was a big systems whered so many device and parts has been integrated, than it was totally reasonable that the protection must be the biggest aspect on that condition. Here in this article we would go further more about the Therm–O–Disc®Auto Reset Bimetal Control. Just check it more.

Auto Reset Bimetal Control
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4 Types of Therm–O–Disc® Auto Reset Bimetal Control, Many Choice Depend on Users Purposes

There are several parts of Therm–O–Disc® Auto Reset Bimetal Control, but in this article we would only want to get sampling 4 types around it. Each of the product has been design with special specification and features. It had a single vision to grant a users beneficial act.

• Therm–O–Disc® , 60T Auto Reset Bimetal Control

For whom which is need found a product which is versatile, cost–effective design proven reliability in a compact design, 60T could be great choice to grant that ideas. It because the capabilities of 60T area separation resulting in excellent speed contact life cycle characteristics.60T can operating around up to 25 amps at 240 VAC electrical loads.

• The 64T, A Double Pole Single Throw Control Auto Reset Bimetal Control

64T design around 3/4 inch size. The main abilities are it can breaks two separate circuits simultaneously. It commonly used in kind of electric heat also the other appliance applications, where operating with double pole single throw switching.

• Auto Reset Bimetal Control The 36T

This component had been used in a wide range of applications.From the gas furnaces, clothes dryers, dishwasherseven the drip coffee makers. Depend on the design, it would be suitable to apply for any household devices.

• Auto Reset Bimetal Control The 69T

This was designed as Biased Auto Reset Bimetal Control, as the name the 69T was low cost alternative in applications if the users need to operating it in multiple temperature control. It was also known as utilizing heaters mounted internally. The close and open calibration can be biased lower, so it make The 69T becomes great to operating in extreme temperature locations.

Protection are important fact in a whole of business range. It needs to see more than before, especially for kind of industries where operating thir business process . in area where temperature and heating become so much critical.


Therm–O–Disc® Auto Reset Bimetal Control offered so many models of bimetal control. It was something nice to operating in any industrial fields where the temperature become a main of the working process. There are so many types which can be choose depend on users purposes.


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