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WRT Series wireless Modbus RTU communication; Product Review and Specification

wireless Modbus RTU communication
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The best wireless Modbus RTU communication ideas of wireless technology are it accommodate the industries to developed they sensing and controlling method through automation solution systems. By the term of the automation solution aspect, there are many of device had been developed by so many manufactures or automation solution developers.

One of the biggest wireless Modbus RTU communication named which already recognized by the world of industries are NK Technologies which is also recognized as “High Performance Current Sensing for Automation Applications”. And here in this article we would go further more with one of the NK Technologies product review. The product called WRT Series wireless Modbus RTU communication. Check more about further information later.

WRT Series wireless Modbus RTU communication, an Easy to Instal and Configure Device

Item Specification Transmit Power 10 mW Output Modbus RTU/ASII Power Supply 5 VDC 100 mA Radio Specifications 4 GHz (IEEE 802.15.4) Channel Frequencies 15, field-selectable Case UL94 V0 Flammability Rated Baud Rate 2.4 to 115.2 kbps, factory set at 9.6 kbps Group ID 16 field-selectable Network ID 00 to 99, field-selectable Listings UL 508 Industrial Control Equipment (USA & Canada) Environmental -4 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C) 0–95% RH, non-condensing

Between the wireless Modbus RTU communication modernization realism and the industrialism are the big ideas of better way of working and business process. It give a man who belonging with the industries itself an easy more solution to control and make a deal with duty. WRT Series wireless Modbus RTU communication, are kind of the device which is create and make to deal with any controlling also sensing and transmitting information tasks. To know more about the specification items which already happen on this device please take a look more to the table bellow.

Those wireless Modbus RTU communication specification had totally design to bring a best ideas on better operating process, for example to avoid radio obstacle between wired and wireless device which involved in mix operating process. not only about that those specification also wrap a great features that had a main goal to bring such as benefits for the users. And here are the features for the WRT Series wireless Modbus RTU communication.

  • The simple and easy adjustable channel and adders frequencies increasing the speed startup for engineers to configuring device
  • For wiring process was only need a simple insert and strip, need no screws to tighten
  • Can be installed on wall or in non metallic case
  • The antena are pivot model, it can be used to adjust the installing space
  • Compatible with any automation systems

The WRT Series wireless Modbus RTU communication also prepared by NK Technologies to operating and installing for any RS S485 network protocol. Users also can prepared this wireless Modbus RTU communication to be a master or slave and set to transmit as Modbus RTU package formatted.


There are so many wireless Modbus RTU communication console developer which prepared by many of console developers. But WRT Series wireless Modbus RTU communication from NK Technologies are one of great ideas for anyone who want to get a better vision on simplify and mix between the wiring and wireless RTU.


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