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Allen-Bradley POINT I/O Modules ; Types, Features and Beneficial Act

There are many types of POINT I/O Modules industrial supporting device and component. Each are need to handle different purposes, which can be used for create ideation to bring a better and productives ideas of handling and controlling through the industries working process.

Some of the POINT I/O Modules device are createad for certain ideation. Especially on the era of automation solution systems just like what happen on this days. There would be so many device which is needed more than before. Here in this article we would goes with Allen-Bradley POINT I/O Modules summary. It as important to getting closser just because the functional of this device where users can mix both function between standard and safety I/O within same system.

POINT I/O Modules
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Analog, Digital, And Specialty I/O Features For Each POINT I/O Modules

What was looking by the POINT I/O Modules industries are the best ideas on comprehensive device where several function can handle within single step. As a device Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1734 POINT I/O Modules are complete to answer that ideas, it because this device are comes in three pieces with separates function in single system. At least there are three features are wrapping in single pocket, here are the features for each of pieces.

• POINT I/O Modules Specialty Modules

Comes in RS-232, RS-485/RS-422 serial interfaces modules, ARM or Address Reserve Module, IO-Link enabled devices supports connection to IO-Link master module, absolute encoder synchronous serial interface, encoder and counter modules provides.

• POINT I/O Modules Digital Modules

Has comes with safety applications POINT Guard I/O™ modules, select modules diagnostics field side, fault states and wire off diagnostic, and also point level outputs.

• POINT I/O Modules Analog Modules

Belongs with other of both function, this also provides several great features such as; available with RTD and thermocouples module, configurable individually channels, scaling on-board, input filters selectable, under and over range detection and other great features wrap together.

Those are the special POINT I/O Modules features for each of the modules types. As a single device, Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1734 POINT I/O Modules also wrap a global features which can identify just like this;

  • Studio 5000™ Logix Designer add on profiles which provide smooth and integratif architecture systems
  • Reduces downtime processing with Auto Device Replacement (ADR)
  • The RIUP (Removal and Insertion Under Power) gives the users ease chance to replace modules while the systems are in operation
  • Slide together module design are made it as easy maintenance device to install or uninstall time
  • Saves time and money installation with removable wiring systems
  • NO de-rating required even on horizontally or vertically mounting systems

There are so many POINT I/O Modules benefits which can grant by user by choosing the Bulletin 1734 POINT I/O Modules. It was kind of device that developed to grant the ideas on better industrial working process. Than thats why, there are many of features which wrap by this single device.


Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1734 POINT I/O Modules, are kind of industrial I/O modules which prepared and offered publicy to help ther industries increase comprehensive diagnostic and ease configurable features. Thats why, this are a great choice for kind of industries which want to bring a greater vision on productivity and better operational and workind process.


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