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Baumer Precision mechanical Switches; Review and Acknowledgement For Product Items, Description and Benefits

This Precision mechanical switches are kind of new era for the latest technology on industrial working process. There are so many items product and device which is created, offered and belonging with the industries willingness to answer the market ideas that always looking and wanting the absolute state of the art.

Than thats why there are many Precision mechanical switches device and component which need to developed belonging with those industrial spirits. It was influence many of industrial types which is also can be a good sign that between the industries and the market are going on single lines.

One things which developed much of course on the aspect of Precision mechanical switches and engineering. For today, the manufacturing plant which become an important asset of the industries are operating with automation solution technologies. Due to that fact, theres also an obligation to found best component or to support. And one of important component are the sensing device. And here in this article we would go further more with one of world class sensors manufacture called Baumer, which focussed to enclossure the overview of Baumer precission mechanical switches.
Precision mechanical switches
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My-Com® Baumer Precision Mechanical Switches, The Micrometer Precision Whic 70 Times More Accurate Than A Hair Thick

To answer those industrial gaining target, Baumer offered publicy precision mechanical switches with great accuracy aspect around 1 micron. There are several items which developed, each are different specification which can be choose by users depend on what they needed. Here are the some of the product overview samples.

• Precision mechanical switches MY-COM H Family

It was one of My-Com® product family which developed to gain the best precision switches idea. It made with 8x21 mm, metal housing, which provide with several features such as; IP67 standard, spherical ruby tlp, and NC/two wire break function.

• Precision mechanical switches MY-COM A Family

On the class of purely mechanical precision switches MY-COM A Family has offered such as greaf features : IP 50 standard, two wire break function/NC, and conical housing front. It was made with 8x20 size metal class housing.

• Precision mechanical switches With Amplifier Family

MY-COM M (2 Letter) precision switches are one of flagship product. It made with 8x27 mm size meta housing. Also completed to with several features such as; output NPN/PNP transistors, IP 50 standard, IP 67 protection class, and NP/two wire break function.

• Precision mechanical switches MY-COM Family Products For Lateral Approach

Within this specification family, there are at least 54 flagship product with 3 families which come to completed what users willingness. There are MY-COM E or 2 wire types, which created on 6x36 mm metal housing. Also completed with several features : IP 50 standard, NC/two wire break function, thread M6x0,5 and spherical hard metal tlp.

Each of the Precision mechanical switches product on My-Com® Baumer Precision Mechanical Switches, are designed and created to gain a best ideas on users beneficial act. Some of them are totally great for the best ideation on build industrial automation solution with absolute state of the art component.


To gain the best Precision mechanical switches ideas on better industrial automation solution. Baumer sensing product are also developed belong with that ideas. Than thats why My-Com® Baumer Precision Mechanical Switches are offered in separates and different product types which can choose by users depend on the operational intention.


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