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Dynisco Pressure Transmitters for Hazardous Locations Products Family; Approaching on Features and Benefits Reviews

Sometimes, the industries need had to operating with kind of demanding and hards sorrounding areas. It can be at anytime and anywhere, depends on the types of industries itself, rather just like the other demanding reasons which can only be accepted by the main ideas of those industrial managing decision.

Due to the fact, thats why there are so many manufacture are offered several product which can support with what industries need. One of the name are Dynisco, which had a long experience to becomes, a solution for successfully melt pressure measurement for the plastic industries. At the same time, it was great ideas known, where so many ideas are spread out, not only around the plastic industries and other relevant business fields. It also goes around to be as a product which can operate as pressure transmitters for hazardous locations. Than to realize those ideas, Dynisco has create different product lines from that product family. Meet more about the features and other beneficial information through this article.

Pressure Transmitters for Hazardous Locations
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Dynisco Pressure Transmitters for Hazardous Locations; Kind Of the Product, and Features Which Can Bring Lot Of Benefits For The Users

Bring a best features are uneasy way. Thats why Dynisco are try to grab the market by offering several different product types. Here are each of the product which offered publicy and the features come together with each of the product.

• SPX 2 Series

Comes with big ideas as general purpose smart pressure transmitters for hazardous locations, this component are completed with several features and benefits such as; available with +/- 0.25% accuracy aspect, loop-powered output around 4-20mA, SIL 2 (as Pressure Output) and PL'c' certiffied as relay outputs. This device also can operating if users need to Meets with CE requirement, and CE ATEX intrinsically safe approved.

• SPX-T (3-Series)

This device are offered and developed to be a smart 4020mA pressure transmitter which can remotely configurable via HART. It was known also as repeatable pressure measurement, thanks to the precise functionalities. This product are designed available to meet with +/- 0.15% accuracy, with 6:1 Turndown, and by 80% over non compensated units reduced temperature drift.

• SPX-4 Series

This series are prepared to operating in any hazardous location, which available with vary of different process and so much electrical connections. These also designed as amplified transmitter which can remotely configurable via HART, with 4-20mA loo-powered output and +/- 0.25% availble accuracy where it also supported the output supplied directly to DSC or PLC.

• SPX-5 Series

This product are comes that completed also with DynalarityTM, Dynisco, advanced algorithm that will give users linearize offsets due to process depends on the effects that received by the sensors. It was totally designed as the “all welded construction”. This product can handle 4-20mA output loop-powered, which can remotely configurable via HARTTM, and 3:1 turndown aspect. The DynalarityTM integrated algorithm has increase around ±0.2% available accuracy in operational process.

Dynisco pressure transmitters for hazardous locations are comes to bring a better solution for the users in any fields. Each types has specific design, it was totally purposes any thing to gain better experience in working for the users.


There are so many models of Dynisco Pressure Transmitters for Hazardous Locations, which can be choose by users depend on what kind of purposes and other intentional acts. Each are totally build and designed to gain a better solution for the users.


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