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VeriSens® vision sensors Products Types and Specification that can be applied among many others are packaging and quality inspection.

VeriSens® vision sensors of technological developments provide convenience for humans in the control system set up. As well as technology in the field of image processing, which until now continues to develop with the aim of helping humans in the work to make one generation more intuitive.

VeriSens® vision is the shape of a sensor image processing that provide one type of technology used to solve problems in the field of image processing. This system is the latest breakthrough to facilitate human performance in the data collection process that can be applied among many others are packaging and quality inspection.

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Why you have to choose VeriSens® vision sensors?

VeriSens® vision sensors has standard quality inspection for smart sensor solutions. This control system assurance has been for efficient 2D/3D parts inspection. So, you do not worry if you want to improve your quality inspection activities, you just can do it using this products. You do not spent more cost and without investing thousands of dollars againt.

VeriSens® vision sensors has been controlled by MESAX® laser distance measurement sensors. As you know that the result of this inspection is enable fast and precise non-contact measurements. This can be applied in the manufacturing process. As part of the advanced innovation of MESAX® OM 70 multi-spot. This innovation is especially designed for extreme rough, in the same case also could be applied on the shiny surfaces.

Type of VeriSens® vision sensors to supply users need in the image processing sensor products

VeriSens® vision sensors has many variants to supply users need in the image processing sensor needs. This product you can choose which one fit to your requirements:

  • VeriSens® models 510 / 700 / 800, has been complied with twice the processing speed. For installation, this device has been integrated with Industrial Ethernet.

  • VeriSens® CS Series that as long as now considered as the entry level model for feature checking. It used to apply for Check & Sort applications.

  • VeriSens® ID Series using read matrix codes technology. Process always starting with bar codes step. And final process optionally even text, and the user can interpret it.

  • VeriSens® XC Series has been integrated with flash controller. For manufacturing process with complete condition, it supported by C-mount connection for lenses. Fo better result CCD sensor technology and modular tube system were also included as verified supported device.

  • VeriSens® XF Series has been compatible with feature checking of up to 32 features. This features concurrently, as well as integrated 360° position detection. If you need better image, this product also has good lighting capability with capacity 10 mm/16 mm lens.

  • VeriSens® Gateways compatible with integrated switch. This is allowed for PROFINET or EtherNet/IP™ networking. Industrial application could be set up to four VeriSens® vision sensors with serial communication interface.

  • VeriSens® IP 69K has been complied with stainless steel housing. This is used for typical applications in many areas such as foodstuffs, drinks, cosmetics or pharmaceutical industries.

All of VeriSens® vision sensors mention above ready to use and can be easily parametrized without external software to support your control system requirements.


VeriSens® vision sensors is smart profile sensors that could be used in many industrial areas. It was preconfigured for specific measurement tasks like gap, width, height or round objects to meet users need in control system requirements products. VeriSens® vision sensors is also ready to use and can be easily parametrized without external software with many variants products you can choose and applied among many others are packaging and quality inspection.


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