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Review Approach for WIKA Mechatronic Temperature Measurement; Product Types, Specification and Other Following Information

From the based of the industrial spirit, sometimes data need to display locally at the present time. Than thats why there are many of device and other controlling utilities are.need to realize those idea.

On the other hand, where the needed and intention of better controlling and monitoring utensils are becomes important than before, there also the ideas of precission and accuracy which belonging with kind of those purposes.

And so it was influence WIKA as manufacture on industrial controlling and monitoring utilities to build and offered kind of better product which can accept the absolute state of the art category.

To belong with those ideas, also meet with WIKA spirit this article are writes out. Here are containt with several informational act which belonging specific with Mechatronic Temperature Measurement creates and offered by WIKA.

Mechatronic Temperature Measurement
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What Users Used to Know Beyond The WIKA Mechatronic Temperature Measurement

What Users need are complex ideas which belong on single device. It was some kind of the versatiles or multifunction thing in single form. And WIKA are ready to "offer a wide variety of combined instruments". Here are some of the flagship product user can choose depend on the self purpose.

• TGT70, Electrical Output Signal Expansion Thermometer

This are also called with with or without capillary utensils that become one of stainless steel versions. There are several great features that belonging with, such as: -40 ... +250°C scale of range, 4 ... 20 mA electric input signals, 63, 100 nominal size. The stem and cell are made of stainless steel which made kind of this product belonging with those family version.

• TGT73, Electrically Output Signal Actuated-Gas Thermometer

Made to handle such of several intention : gas or oil industry, renewable energies industry types, petrochemical also chemical industy and other constructional.and building such of machinery, vessel and plant structure construction. This product are prepared with several features such as : "2 in 1“ function which made it as economical temperature measurement, -200 ...+700 °C operational range temperatures, also the compact "plug and play" design, so no need to configuration.

• TXS Model, Mini Switch Temperature

This product are prepared with special features which can be described such of this : AISI 316 (1.4401) standard case aspect, -40 ... +85 °C operational ambient temperature, IP 66/NEMA 4 ingress protection, up to 5 A/AC 220 V SPDT 1 switch point, it also can directly connected via up to 10 m capillary.

Along with those great features, there are many of application purpose which can be reach out by TXS Model, it can be described just like this : suitable for direct switching of electric loads and temperature monitoring, measuring point at kind of limited space, suitable on many industries, from food industry, machine and vessel building, to the chemical or petrochemical manufacturing.

There are many of products are offered besides what we described here. Each of the WIKA mechatronic temperature measurement are ready to use on any suitable fields user wanting for.


Mechatronic Temperature Measurement are kind of utensils which can be used for help.and support user in term of measuring, monitoring and controlling in term of temperature. There are many kind of those product are offered by WIKA as former industrial controller and monitoring products manufacture.


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