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Turck Pressure sensors product specification provide angular measurement relative to gravity for several application

Turck Pressure sensors works on inductive, capacitive, or magnetic principals reference and could be take absolute pressures in liquids and gases or any others media. This sensors measuring ranges from vacuum to many hundreed bar to provide important information based on user requirement. Turck Pressure sensors completed with several transmitters without displays can be used to get discrete and, temperatures, speed and directional feedback.

Turck Pressure sensors has proximity sensors of operation specially designed for pneumatic or vacuum applications in order to implement your made-to-measure solutions include set point, analog, and IO-Link switching state and communication.

Here is detail Turck Pressure sensors product specification with alternatively via plug-in power supply to support user needs, as below:

Turck Pressure sensors
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Turck Pressure sensors offers ultrasonic, flow, linear and rotary position sensors to measure from vacuum

Turck Pressure sensors capture relative offers display, showing and measuring ranges either vacuum or many hundred PSIG and IO-Link communication. This measuring pressure switches including several wire current and analog voltage with dual PNP outputs.

Turck Pressure sensors is capable of single axis and dual axis measurement depending on the sensor selected and the PS series. As essential part of your automation solution offers display with cylindrical version without display. This will make transmission of service data and compact aluminium housing of this sensor work based on target.

Turck Pressure Sensor product and specification provide angular measurement relative to gravity

Turck Pressure sensors consist of PNP/NPN transistor switching outputs with dual PNP outputs. To maximize its function, Turck Pressure sensors completed with Communication via IO-Link and Display of switching state. For several application, communication this sensor used LED with Commissioning of IOL devices and Control environment include analog voltage, analog current, PNP, IO-Link, and CANopen.

Turck Pressure sensors was integrated with USB port and integrated M11 x 1 connection and cupported by Power supply via USB to increase power voltage capability that ties everything together. For better conncetivity, this sensor was also completed woth IO-Link master and integrated USB port and 1-channel operation in IOL or SIO mode.

Turck Pressure Sensor offering including anything from relays to programmable gateways

Turck Pressure Sensor handled in control of your system by seamlessly directing your devices using fieldbus technology. Thi Turck makes it possible with an vast I/O offering provides the right solution for your application. Enhancing capabilities while consolidating your wiring this sensor compatible with USB compatible IO-Link master, Parametrization via FDT/DTM and Transmission of process data.

Turck Pressure Sensor has a high standard for quality and a fast and flexible approach to make connectivity better. A solid foundation for your application has been installed on the machine or in a panel transistor switching outputs and cylindrical version without display.


Turck Pressure Sensor allowing you to make the right connections enables you to put your control right where you want to get discrete and, temperatures, speed and directional feedback. This sensor offer angular measurement relative to gravity for several application including three types of ethernet in a single device.


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