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Red Lion Rugged Graphite Controllers; Review approach on Overview and Product Beneficial Act which offered several products to gain the ideation of industrial working process

By the time, the Rugged Graphite® Controllers industrial working process has been developed depend on what users needed and purposes and intentional act. That’s why the main ideation to gain the ideas of better construction and other aspect, such to hold the cost of operations also become an important idea through the industrial process.

Than due to the fact, there’s also come the manufacture which comes to offered several products and any types of intentional component to be back up that idea. Red Lion are one of named of former manufacture which offered several products to gain the ideation of industrial working process which can be choose by user depend on what they needed and intention. And here in this article we would go further more with one of Red Lion product called Rugged Graphite® Controllers. This article written out to pull out the overview of the products and gain the beneficial to face out what users needed.

Red Lion Rugged Graphite Controllers
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Red Lion Rugged Graphite® Controllers; The Solution for Reduce Cost and Complexity

The Rugged Graphite® Controllers industrial has simple working systems such as a big picture in other control system design. It was kind of puzzled, which need to sizzling out with many components which can handle those big working process. Than that’s why, each component was needed to handle ideas. The Rugged Graphite® Controllers from Red Lion are designing to gain the best and suitable ideas for any types of industrial working process. Here is the specification for each of them.

• Rugged Graphite® Controllers Graphite® Edge Controller

This product are kind of rugged standalone industrial controllers which can be uses for works with vary of I/O modules and combined with IEC 61131 control capabilities. It was supported with powerful Crimson 3.x software with crimson control, which can be used for such as. It was also prepared to operate at rugged industrial environmental specification such as; -40° … 70° operating temperature, IP 20 rated, and high vibration and shock tolerance.

• Rugged Graphite® Controllers Graphite® Core Controller

Belong with the other device, this product also comes with such of specification; IEC 61131 programming languages, map over 300 drives, and the intuitive drag and drop graphical software for easy setup belonging. There also the CE, UL/cUL hazardous approval. There are the powerful integrational functionality aspect which can be used to gain the remote visualization, access and control to reduce costs.

Each of the Red Lion Rugged Graphite® Controllers are designed to shown out the graphite controllers excel which can keep the personnel with informed from the process and machining performance. It had abilities to gain over 300 different protocols, include the Modubus and DNP3, this ability shown that this product are ready to working for networking and data visualization.


Red Lion Rugged Graphite® Controllers are kind of device which integrating the communication and control for kind of factory automation and process control apps. It was create to belong with kind of such ideas such as reducing cost and complexity that come up from the combination of IEC 61131 control capabilities.


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